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AccuCities Ltd.
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United Kingdom

AccuCities is a London based 3D Mapping & 3D Context modelling company. Our customers are mostly Architects, Developers and Planning Consultancies. We provide 3D city models as a service or as a product. We are fully industry funded and since our incorporation in May 2017, we have worked on hundreds of 3D city modelling projects all over the United Kingdom.

3D Model of London

AccuCities 3D Model of London is available in CAD, FBX or SKP formats in 4 levels of detail. Pre-made 3D London Tiles (500 x 500 meters 3D city cut-outs) can be purchased directly from our online store for £250 + VAT in Level 2 or £500 + VAT in Level 3.

Customers working on many sites in Central London or those requiring access to large wide area 3D model of London can subscribe to our entire dataset for a fixed monthly fee. Subscribers get direct access to over 50 km2 of CAD files + Plan.City Pro application. More about 3D Model of London.

AccuCities 3D London Tiles

3D Context Models anywhere in United Kingdom

For sites outside of Central London, AccuCities offer quick custom capture of 3D Models in any level of detail. Custom 3D models are mostly used for planning and architecture. We can produce 3D Model of 330 x 330 meters area anywhere in the UK only £500 + VAT, average delivery time 5 working days. Examples of 3D Context Models.

AccuCities 3D Bristol Model

Textured 3D Models

We can upgrade any 3D Context model to Level 4 model to include facade detail and even textures. Level 4 upgrades are captured using terrestrial photogrammetry and provide a fast way of creating accurate and light-weight 3D models of as-built environments. Level 4 upgrades are available from single facade to large-scale areas that include trees and signs / road markings. Textured 3D City Models.


Windows PC application developed in Unreal Engine 4 which enables customers to review and communicate their proposals in wide area urban environment context. Plan.City London has over 50 km2 of High Detail 3D Model of London and many tools built to assist Architects and Planning consultancies.

Future Skyline Layer is a Plan.City Tool which enables customers to visualise future city skyline. 3D models of landmark developments are included and can be turned on based on estimated completion dates. Future Skyline is available for City of London, Canary Wharf, Blackfriers, Southbank and Battersea & Nine Elms areas of London. More about Plan.City.

AccuCities 3D London App

We have over 70 mostly returning customers, including industry leaders such as CBRE, BAM, MACE, KPF, Foster + Partners, Make Architects, Avison Young and many others.

Download our Free 3D London Sample – Tile TQ3280SE can be used to evaluate our 3D data, compare Levels of Detail, test compatibility or just to play around. Can be downloaded in AutoCad solid, SketchUp or FBX format.

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