Harlequin Group

Harlequin Group
Innovation Centre, Maidstone Road

The Harlequin Group offers a comprehensive range of telecoms, utility and property services throughout the United Kingdom.
These services include site acquisition, Town & Country Planning, civil & electrical design and site construction.


We currently operate from three offices in England, Scotland and Ireland, and offer a comprehensive range of services throughout the United Kingdom.

Established in 1993, the company has developed an exceptional reputation for its customer driven approach and ability to achieve outstanding results.

Experienced and well trained staff has been the key to this success.  The Harlequin Group is committed to staff development and we aim to achieve continuous improvement in everything we do.

The Harlequin Group is:

  • – Passionate about achieving challenging targets
  • – Committed to Quality
  • – Customer Driven
  • – Continually Improving
  • – Dynamic and Innovative
  • – Skilled and Experienced
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