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15 YEARS OF INNOVATION IntelliHeat has been delivering superior quality, stylish and ultra-efficient Electric heating systems across the UK. Over this time we have continuously developed ever improving thermodynamic electric radiator systems and future proofed control systems which now include full smart phone app-based Home automation.

Since our inception our aim has always been to maximise energy efficiency to both reduce fuel costs and deliver a more environmentally friendly heating solution, our products are unique on the UK market, manufactured and tested to the highest standards, every heater from every range is designed to deliver efficiency, control, comfort and elegance to its user!

Whether you choose the Cali range, the Needo range or the Livingstone Heating range, the product, expertise, advice and after sales care you will receive from IntelliHeat will be second to none. We pride ourselves on matching the excellence of our products with the professionalism of our advisors!

We only provide the highest quality products, manufactured from start to finish in a controlled environment at our Italian manufacturing plant. This approach ensures that every advanced electric heater we sell has been rigorously tested to ensure both efficiency and quality. It is this approach that has enabled us to continuously deliver market leading levels of customer satisfaction.

All IntelliHeat Electric Radiators are class 2 Double Insulated. They are Fully Compliant with Building Regulations Parts L 1&2, New Legislation EN BS 60335 – 1:2012 New ECO DESIGN Legislation 2016 and are accredited to NF Energy Performance Certification.

Electric Heating Experts

IntelliHeat products are the most advanced electric heating systems available in the UK. Whilst there are other distributors of electric radiators on the UK market, these products do not compare to the high specification ultra-efficient IntelliHeat ranges

Unlike most gas, oil or alternative electric heating systems, each IntelliHeat radiator comes with a built in LCD thermostat programmer accurate to within 0.1°, this enables them to be individually programmed to follow an exact hourly, daily and weekly heating regime. This in-depth programmability gives users full control over when and where to draw heat, ensuring full comfort and maximum efficiency throughout the property. As providers of smart electric radiators our products come with a range of control options from the MyNeedo wall mounted programming and smart energy monitoring system, through the smartphone based WHAPP control and monitoring system, and now the smart radiator I-Sense system which works with the user to recommend optimisations to programming to continuously reduce energy consumption.

Electric Radiators Range

More than ever before people are turning to electric central heating due to some great technological and design advancements over the last couple of years, making such systems far more attractive and energy efficient then they have been in the past.

In addition, our systems are totally flexible, easy and inexpensive to install, and fully controllable. Our unique technology allows you to divide your home into heating zones and control each of the heating requirements for each room or zone individually.

Each Intelli Heat electric radiator can be controlled and/or programmed independently, thus providing each room with the right amount of heat when needed. This affordable electric heating system,  gives you FULL CONTROL when and where you need it, saving you up to 35% on other systems.



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