level 2 BIM,

Legal and Contractual issues of level 2 BIM

Richard Saxon CBE, chairman of JCT Ltd, delves into the legal and contractual issues of BIM.
ISO 19650, BIM level 2,

ISO 19650 internationalises BIM

The launch of ISO 19650 provides real opportunities for UK-based companies with BIM-compliant processes to export their expertise on a global scale.
Construction information, Contractors, BIM

Construction information going digital

GroupBC looks at some of the challenges going digital can resolve including communication, construction information, data security and compliance.
Information management

Communication breakdown in construction projects

Stuart Bell looks at some of the common issues surrounding poor information management and sets out some simple steps to encourage adoption.
Institute of Neurology

UCL appoints ISG as main contractor for neurology centre

ISG will focus on design and procurement for a research facility that will serve as a hub for the UK Dementia Research Institute and a new home for the UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology.
construction projects, BIM,

Understanding and applying BIM to construction projects

Glyn Shawcross, engineering and design director at engineering solutions provider Boulting Ltd, explains one of the key regulations essential for becoming BIM-enabled.
building information modelling,

Exploring the future of building information modelling

Glyn Shawcross, engineering and design director of engineering solutions provider Boulting Ltd explains how future advances in BIM will continue to enhance control for contractors and clients.
digital transformation, BIM,

Construction project success: Only human!

In all the talk of technology and digital transformation, we must never forget that it’s people who ultimately determine a project’s success – or otherwise, says John Eynon.
Erskine House

Building with BIM: Erskine House, Belfast

BIM has played a key role in shaping GRAHAM Construction’s Erskine House project in Belfast from pre-construction to final fit-out and beyond, helping to build lasting relationships.
Digital by default

A digital path to safer buildings?

The government is set to consult on a “digital by default” standard for record-keeping relating to the design, construction and operation of buildings as part of its response to the post-Grenfell Hackitt Review.

Transformation through BIM: A story (so far)

Hawkins/Brown has embraced BIM not simply as a new type of software but as a way of fundamentally changing the way in which projects are designed and delivered.
BIM level 2, PAS 1192,

LR’s BIM Level 2 accreditation – the LR route to compliance

Lloyd’s Register offers a comprehensive process to assess an organisation’s readiness for BIM Level 2.
BIM protocol, JCT BIM,

JCT Contracts and BIM

How well does procurement and contract practice enable BIM? This article will summarise the research and its conclusions as seen by JCT BIM Working Group.
work in progress, data management, digital delivery,

Overcoming the challenges of Work in Progress data management

Graitec explores the need for robust standards and working practices to streamline the BIM process and address the data issues that have traditionally hindered construction.

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