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Health & Safety are obvious worries across all of the UK’s industries, but it’s of particular significance within the construction industry because it tops the UK industry with a fatality rate four times higher than the rate across all other sectors.
A few of the main hazards that are encountered on a typical construction site include: Working at Height, moving objects, slips, Trips & Falls, noise/acoustics, Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS), and asbestos.
Within the Health & Safety news category, you will find a culmination of articles and features centring around health and safety breaches within the construction industry and how the HSE deals with such breaches, you will also discover informative pieces to help ensure your company doesn't have an accident, and many many more stories.

St George City, Scaffold,

Berkeley fined £130,000 after workers legs crushed

Two companies have been fined £180,000 after a structural engineer received serious crush injuries when a bundle of scaffold tubes rolled onto his legs while he was visiting a client’s construction site.
Engineering firm,

Engineering firm fined after worker suffers head injury

An engineering firm has been fined £16,000 after a worker suffered a serious head injury whilst assembling a steel frame.
Construction Industry Helpline.

New app to support construction workers mental health

A new app launched by the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity and construction software firm ‘COINS’ and ‘Building Mental Health’ aims to address the ongoing mental health issues in the construction industry.
concrete pumping, HSE,

Company fined following concrete pumping fatality

A concrete pumping company and its sole Director have been fined after an untrained employee was struck and killed by concrete.
health and safety breaches

London Underground & Balfour Beatty fined for health and safety breaches

London Underground and Balfour Beatty have been fined £433,000 for health and safety breaches after an employee suffered life-changing injuries.
construction site accidents

New courses to tackle construction sector risks

With construction site accidents claiming 60,000 lives around the world every year, two new courses have been launched to help businesses in the construction sector better protect workers.
Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors

Bridge constructors fined £10,000 after worker seriously injured

A bridge construction company has pleaded guilty to breaching health and safety regulations after a worker was seriously injured during a lifting operation.
asbestos exposure

Asbestos exposure and mental health in construction

Here we examine how asbestos exposure and mental health issues have impacted the construction industry.
mental health first aid

Research reveals issues with workplace Mental Health First Aid

New research by the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health has shed new light on mental health training in the workplace.
domestic property

Construction company fined after fatality at domestic property

SM Builder Expert Limited has been fined after a man fell to his death at a concealed basement void in a domestic property undergoing construction work.
railway safety

Railway safety worker killed by train at Stoats Nest Junction

A male railway worker has died after being hit by an oncoming train between Purley and Coulsdon South stations on the mainline between London and Brighton.
road safety

Global benchmark for road safety in cities announced

Safer City Streets, the worldwide traffic safety network for liveable cities, has published its first global benchmark of urban road safety.
smart technology

Could smart technology ensure safer construction sites?

Bradley Markham, director at Bull Products, believes that smart technology could minimise worker injuries and ensuring a safer construction site.
skin conditions

Joint conference explores mental health in construction and skin conditions

A conference held at Ark Conference Centre, Basingstoke is set to explore how poor mental health can affect skin conditions and the construction industry.

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