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SAP rating

Epping Forest home achieves good SAP rating

A landowner who struggled for years to obtain planning permission to build on a site near Epping Forest has finally succeeded in creating a £1m energy efficient home with an impressive SAP rating – thanks to teamwork between a timber frame specialist and a pioneering insulation system created by Actis
Power supply

Driving powerful new connections

Power supply delays can have a significant impact on construction projects, wasting time, fuel and money. Here Head of Sales and marketing for business at npower Business Solutions, Beverly Tomkins, shares her experience and explains what can be done to install an electrical connection 75% quicker
clean growth

Supporting clean growth for the construction industry

Achieving the shift to a low carbon future without sacrificing major projects is a huge challenge facing the construction industry. Brian Worrall, Director of Corporate Affairs at Certas Energy, looks at the role of alternative fuels
smart meter

Creating a smarter smart meter

Most smart meters tell households how much energy they’ve used but do nothing to help them actually reduce that use. A new project led by Professor David Coley of the University of Bath aims to make smart meters smarter by providing practical advice on cutting consumption
Heat Reflecting Membrane

Heat Reflecting Membrane technology has proved its worth

Colin Hawkes, Managing Director at UK-based Apollo Energy Research, provides an overview of his company’s membrane products that feature low emissivity surfaces
Building Performance

CIBSE unveils Building Performance Awards 2018 shortlist

The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) has unveiled the shortlisted buildings in the Building Performance Awards (BPA) 2018
Green Infrastructure

CIBSE to launch Green Infrastructure challenge

The third annual Green Infrastructure Design Challenge is set to be launched by CIBSE and UKCIP at CIBSE’s Build2Perform Live event on 21 November, at Olympia, London
Smart Meters Bill

BSRIA responds to the Smart Meters Bill

BSRIA has responded to the recent government announcement that a Smart Meters Bill will be introduced to Parliament
new builds

New builds save homeowners £629 a year on energy bills

According to new research from the Home Builders Federation, new builds can save owners up to £629 a year on energy bills
energy efficient behaviour

Encouraging consumers to adopt energy efficient behaviour

A host of government initiatives have failed to persuade householders to implement energy efficient behaviour. Simon Storer, Chief Executive of BRUFMA, examines how we break through this engagement barrier
Clean Growth Strategy

Housing specialists respond to Clean Growth Strategy

The government’s announcement of the Clean Growth Strategy has outlined how the UK aims to cut carbon emissions to combat climate change while continuing to drive economic growth
energy performance gap

BSRIA’s role in Built2Spec for reducing the building energy performance gap

Build2Spec aims to meet EU energy efficiency targets by tackling the energy performance gap for both new and retrofit buildings. Divya Deepankar and Chris Thompson of BSRIA’s Sustainable Construction Group discuss their work in this ambitious project

Designing to meet the Part L challenge

Keystone’s commitment to innovating the industry has been demonstrated once again by the introduction of an advanced version of its award-winning Hi-therm Lintel
sustainable buildings

Commission releases EU-wide tool for sustainable buildings

The European Commission has launched the pilot phase of ‘Level(s)’, a new EU- framework for sustainable buildings, aimed at helping transform the building sector

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