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Andy Jowett - Planning & Building Control Today

Andy Jowett

Managing Editor

Email: ajowett@pbctoday.co.uk
Phone: (01270) 502873

Andy has been a journalist and editor covering everything from construction, business and local government to music, gaming and sport for longer than he cares to remember.

As (just about) managing editor, he has the awesome responsibility of putting together our quarterly digital publications, PBC Today and BIM Today.

When not at the cutting-edge of all things planning, building control…y and BIM-tastic, he can be found mooching around Manchester, watching cartoons with his daughter, “researching” classic cocktails and stubbornly, some might say heroically, refusing to accept what his body is telling him on the 5-a-side field.

Interested in contributing to our publications? Contact Andy at by phone on (01270) 502873 or by email at ajowett@pbctoday.co.uk.

Steph Hazlegreaves | PBC Today

Steph Hazlegreaves

Managing Digital Editor

Email: shazlegreaves@pbctoday.co.uk
Phone: 01270 502873

Our Managing Digital Editor Steph has a BA in Journalism from the University of Chester. She is responsible for ensuring that our website is always up to date with high-quality content.

When she’s not lost in the world of SEO, Steph is also responsible for keeping our social media accounts active on a daily basis.

In her spare time, Steph loves to take long walks with her dogs (Norbert and Billie), binging on a good Netflix series or going for a drink with her friends or family.

Think you’ve got something Steph would be interested in?… Contact her at shazlegreaves@pbctoday.co.uk

Lydia Bamford - PBC Today

Lydia Bamford

Digital Editor

Email: lbamford@pbctoday.co.uk
Phone: 01270 502873

Lydia is one of PBC’s Digital Editors. Her role is to create content for our website and follow up the latest construction industry news and comment.
With a degree from Edge Hill University in Lancashire, Lydia has extensive experience in the editorial field.

When she’s not working on creating content for PBC, Lydia loves to spend her free time with her friends and family and enjoys a good novel to become immersed in!

Please contact Lydia if you have any articles you think she’d be interested in: lbamford@pbctoday.co.uk or on (01270) 502873.

Freya Thomson - PBC Today

Freya Thomson

Digital Editor

Email: fthomson@pbctoday.co.uk
Phone: 01270 502873

Freya is a Digital Editor for PBC Today. Her role is to create daily content for our website on the latest construction news.

She has a degree in History from the University of Manchester and a keen eye for Journalism having worked for a student newspaper.

In her downtime Freya loves to spend time with her friends, exploring the cultural city of Manchester and listening to good music.

Contact Freya today if you have any interesting stories at fthomson@pbctoday.co.uk or on (01270) 502873.