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Andy Jowett - Planning & Building Control Today

Andy Jowett

Managing Editor

Email: ajowett@pbctoday.co.uk
Phone: (01270) 502873

Andy has been a journalist and editor covering everything from construction, business and local government to music, gaming and sport for longer than he cares to remember.

As (just about) managing editor, he has the awesome responsibility of putting together our quarterly digital publications, PBC Today and BIM Today.

When not at the cutting-edge of all things planning, building control…y and BIM-tastic, he can be found mooching around Manchester, watching cartoons with his daughter, “researching” classic cocktails and stubbornly, some might say heroically, refusing to accept what his body is telling him on the 5-a-side field.

Interested in contributing to our publications? Contact Andy at by phone on (01270) 502873 or by email at ajowett@pbctoday.co.uk.

Steph Blundell - Planning & Building Control Today

Steph Blundell

Senior Digital Editor

Email: sblundell@pbctoday.co.uk
Phone: 01270 502873

Steph is the Senior Digital Editor here at PBC. When she’s not working hard on cranking out first-class content for our online viewers to enjoy, she’s keeping our social media lively and up to date… you could call her a social media guru? We’re sure she’d like that.

With a BA in English and Journalism, Steph isn’t fazed by attention to detail; on the contrary, she enjoys getting her teeth into a good article. In her downtime Steph loves nothing more than getting together with friends to enjoy a few (several) gin and tonics.

Think you’ve got some content Steph would be interested in? You can contact her either by phone on (01270) 502873 or by email at sblundell@pbctoday.co.uk

Elisha Sketchley

Elisha Sketchley

Digital Content Editor

Email: esketchley@pbctoday.co.uk
Phone: 01270 502873

Elisha is PBC Today’s Digital Content Editor. She ensures that PBC Today is always up-to-date on all things Construction and is eager to get the latest Building and Planning news. Elisha obtained a degree in Photography after spending 3 years studying in University of South Wales, Cardiff and has vast experience in the editorial world.

When she’s not creating content for PBC Today, she loves to spend time with her friends, family and taking the ‘dog squad’ out for walks… Chunk, Yogi and Coco.

Please contact Elisha if you have any articles you think she’d be interested in: esketchley@pbctoday.co.uk or on (01270) 502873.

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