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Stainless Steel fasteners

Quality and sustainability shift puts A4 stainless steel fasteners in pole position

A push for higher quality, longer lasting and more sustainable building envelopes has seen demand for A4 stainless steel fasteners increase across all types of roofing and cladding

The use of admixtures to waterproof concrete: Part 1

In this first of two articles on the use of admixtures to waterproof concrete, James McDonald of Cementaid discusses terminology, standards and specification
flood defence

In deep water: Is the UK’s flood defence budget being well spent?

Matthew Elliott, director of engineering at WYG, warns that flood defence spending may not deliver the kind of protection we expect – but only another catastrophe will highlight the shortcoming
Facade consultant

The complexity of facades and the risks involved

Clive Everett, Premier Guarantee’s Facades Technical Standards Director, discusses the importance of facade specialists in today’s construction market and what risks are involved with these complex systems
sprinkler systems

Implementing sprinkler systems for the modern age

Sprinkler technology is moving forwards and in the wake of the Grenfell Tower disaster, controls are rightly getting stricter. How can companies ensure their buildings and employees are protected, and their sprinkler systems are fully compliant? Paul Berry, director at Johnson Controls, takes a look
structural waterproofing

Structural waterproofing: It’s built into the detail…

Whether your project is large or small, getting the structural waterproofing right is an absolute must
structural engineering software

Can structural engineering software meet the demands of the future?

Sam Carigliano, CEO and co-founder of SkyCiv, explores the role of structural engineering software and cloud computing
Underfloor air conditioning

Exposed ceilings and underfloor air conditioning: A perfect partnership

Underfloor air conditioning uses the space beneath a raised access floor as the ventilation zone, promoting interior design freedom
BS 8300

Time to think as we await new-look BS 8300

Ian Streets of About Access looks ahead to the introduction of the wide-ranging BS 8300 and its potential impact on new and planned developments
air quality assessment

Planning for an air quality assessment

Joanna Peacock, Sustainability Associate at Eight Associates, explains why your development may need an air quality assessment before you submit a planning proposal and what mitigation actions may be required
Building control services in Devon collaborate to ensure efficiency

Building control services in Devon collaborate to ensure efficiency

Working with local authorities across the county allows Devon Building Control Partnership to offer more choice and higher quality services to its clients
built environment

Secured by Design: Tackling crime through the built environment

Secured by Design is a national police initiative that works in partnership with local authorities, architects and developers to incorporate crime prevention into the built environment
Build2Perform event

CIBSE Build2Perform event in full swing

The first day of the CIBSE Build2Perform event at London’s Olympia has proven a success with the number of visitors exceeding the total number of delegates over the entire conference last year
roof designs

Housebuilders urged to review roof designs

Housebuilders are urged to review their legacy roof designs as the Trussed Rafter Association (TRA) commits to switching to building design standard Eurocode 5 from 1 January 2018

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