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Health & Safety are obvious worries across all of the UK’s industries, but it’s of particular significance within the construction industry because it tops the UK industry with a fatality rate four times higher than the rate across all other sectors.
A few of the main hazards that are encountered on a typical construction site include: Working at Height, moving objects, slips, Trips & Falls, noise/acoustics, Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS), and asbestos.
Within the Health & Safety news category, you will find a culmination of articles and features centring around health and safety breaches within the construction industry and how the HSE deals with such breaches, you will also discover informative pieces to help ensure your company doesn't have an accident, and many many more stories.

Interserve Facilities Management

Interserve Facilities Management fined for safety breaches

Interserve Facilities Management has been fined after multiple safety failings at a laboratory site for the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency in Weybridge
youth homelessness

RICS launches series of expert thought pieces to end youth homelessness

RICS has launched a series of thought pieces from property experts and political figures to highlight solutions to eradicate homelessness.
asbestos risk

Health and safety expert discusses asbestos risk management in schools

Louise Hosking, a chartered health and safety practitioner and director of Hosking Associates, discusses the challenges involved in identifying and monitoring asbestos in schools.
mental health

Construction industry suffers from highest number of suicides, report finds

Rubberbond's report looked at mental health in the construction industry and found the sector suffers from the most amount of suicides of any profession.
Asbestos exposure, asbestos fibres

Dealing more effectively with the asbestos problem in our buildings

Charles Pickles of Lucion says the UK needs to bring its asbestos monitoring regulations in line with other countries who have more robust controls.
security in the construction industry

CIOB release report on security in the construction industry

The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) has published a new report focusing on security and the authorised use of data in the construction sector.
construction industry, mental health,

Poor mental health in construction industry ‘the silent epidemic’

Poor mental health in the construction industry has been described as ‘the silent epidemic’ during a speech at IOSH's first annual Construction Conference

Leeds scaffolding company fined after forklift truck crushed worker

Whiterose Scaffolding has been fined £54,270 for health and safety breaches leading to life-changing injuries for an employee.
gas leak

Kent companies fined for damage, gas leak and worker injuries

Kent based Southern Gas Networks Plc (SGN) and Cliffe Contractors Ltd have been fined for damaging a main gas pipe injuring two employees.
workplace injuries

No change in workplace injuries for construction sector

Recent statistics from the Health and Safety Executive has shown no significant change in the number of ill health and injuries in the construction sector.

Contractor receives £90k fine for unlicensed asbestos removal

Norwich-based construction firm Y Construction has been fined £90,000 for carrying out asbestos cleaning work without a license
integrated security

Investigating integrated security at the design and planning stage

Stewart Liberatore, projects director at RWS discusses integrated security and working more closely with the design and planning process.
health and safety in construction

IOSH’s first annual conference to address health and safety in construction

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health will host its first annual conference on the 7th November to address health and safety concerns.
irish schools

Two Irish schools closed over health and safety fears

Two schools in Ireland have been closed due to suspected health and safety fears and are now under investigation by officials.

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