COVID-19 Construction News

Key developments and the latest news on how Coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting those working in the UK construction sector.

COVID-19 Must Reads

Demand for modern methods of construction

Demand for modern methods of construction (MMC) during Covid

David Hartley, Managing Director at MTX, shares his view on the many reasons modular construction has seen an uplift in the last two years.
the demolition industry

What challenges does the demolition industry face in 2022?

Ben Griffiths, operations director of the Rye Group, talks about the current state/challenges of the demolition industry and what it should expect in 2022.
improve indoor air quality

BESA encourages households to improve indoor air quality this Christmas

The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) has launched a campaign to encourage people to improve indoor air quality in their homes over Christmas.
go awards scotland

SPA selected as finalist for the GO Awards Scotland

Procurement framework provider SPA (Scottish Procurement Alliance) has been named as a finalist in the Social Value category of the GO Awards Scotland 2021/22.
deprived countries

Aspen Woolf donate 10% of revenue to vaccine roll out in deprived countries

Leeds-based property firm Aspen Woolf has started donating 10% of its service fees to the COVID-19 vaccine roll out in deprived countries.