COVID-19 Construction News

Key developments and the latest news on how Coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting those working in the UK construction sector.

COVID-19 Must Reads

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Accelerate self-isolation rules to combat construction ‘pingdemic’, urges CLC

Construction industry leaders have called for an acceleration of rules relaxing requirements for Covid-19 self-isolation for double-vaccinated workers.
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What does lower occupancy mean for the future of commercial buildings?

London’s Canary Wharf, home to the European headquarters of Barclays, Citigroup, HSBC and many other businesses is currently operating at 10% capacity, with most employees working from home. To put that in perspective, that’s about 12,000 people of the total 125,000 workforce using the commercial buildings.
Cleveland Bridge administration

Cleveland Bridge on the brink of collapse with 300 jobs at risk

Cleveland Bridge, a structural engineer founded 144 years ago, has fallen into administration, as administrators say the Covid-19 pandemic is to blame.
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The 2021 building materials crisis explained

Phillip Lidgerton, managing director of Building Materials Nationwide Ltd, explains why the building materials shortage presents an acute problem for construction.
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Major UK cities set to see construction costs soar

Over the next two years, cities in the UK are set to see the cost of construction rise as labour shortages and disruption to supply chains from Covid-19 are exacerbated by a Government agenda focussing investment outside the South.