Digital Energy Efficiency Platform, SMEs,

Digital Energy Efficiency Platform to improve SMEs energy efficiency

arbnco has secured a £641,000 contract to provide a prototype of its Digital Energy Efficiency Platform (DEEP) to improve energy efficiency across the UK’s 5.9m SMEs.
digital twin, smart building,

Digital twin creates blueprint for future smart buildings

Bentley Systems and Schneider Electric have rolled out a digital twin of Microsoft’s new regional headquarters at Frasers Tower in Singapore.

Innovation uses augmented reality to transform construction

UK start-up XYZ Reality has raised €5.7m in funding to revolutionise construction with its vision of building from holograms which will allow workers to view BIM models on-site at 5ml accuracy.
Digital twins,

Infrastructure digital twins: From vision to reality, from idea to action

As digital twins advance beyond BIM and GIS, what do you need to know? Bentley’s founder, Keith Bentley offers sage advice to help you make an impact.
i-REAP, building sensors, energy efficiency,

i-REAP: Using AI and IoT to improve energy efficiency in buildings

A new government-backed R&D project involving Costain, TerOpta and the University of the West of England aims to harness AI and building sensors to help businesses optimise their energy efficiency.

Ground-breaking 7D BIM to radically reduce carbon and whole life cost

Cartwright Pickard has joined forces with the Mackintosh Environmental Architecture Research Unit at the Glasgow School of Art to adapt 7D BIM processes.
digital transformation, Sustainability,

Sustainability is key to digital transformation of the environment

Sustainability is a key driver to digital transformation in the environment. Alexandra Bolton, executive director of the Centre for Digital Built Britain (CDBB) considers the challenge, the opportunity and the potential prize.
Maintenance management, educational buildings, CAFM, Elecosoft,

Elecosoft: Smarter maintenance planning for schools

Transform maintenance and management of educational buildings with CMMS and CAFM innovation, information and insight.
climate experts,

Climate experts help construction prepare for unpredictable weather

MetSwift’s founder and CEO James Banasik explains why weather-tech solutions and climate expertise will enable the construction industry to mitigate against seemingly unpredictable, severe weather In December’s BIM Today, we explained how MetSwift’s downtime factoring can improve construction processes. Here, we explain why this is increasingly essential in a changing...
Smart buildings, data overload, information overload

Smart buildings and dealing with data overload

George Adams, director of energy and engineering at SPIE UK, looks at how to overcome information overload and extract genuine value from smart buildings.
BIM, data management,

Building better information management with BIM

Trevor Strahan, director for BIM at BakerHicks, explores the building blocks to achieving better BIM data management so the construction industry can really maximise its potential.
aerial photography, woodland management,

Using aerial photography to create 3D forest maps

The Forestry Commission is using the latest high-resolution imagery to create 3D visualisations of woodland management projects.
Western Dedicated Freight Corridor, BIM methodologies,

BIM steps up to shape India’s new rail corridor

Larsen & Toubro have advanced BIM for rail on the second phase of India’s Western Dedicated Freight Corridor.
WebShare Cloud, FARO,

FARO’s SCENE WebShare Cloud connects the ‘real’ world with datasets

In an interview with Jörg Braunes, product manager at FARO, we discuss the new features and how various groups of professionals can benefit.

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