project delivery, bluebeam Revu,

Revu for reviews: Arup goes digital for project delivery

Bluebeam’s Revu has helped Arup improve collaboration and move towards a paperless future.
Solibri Site, BIM,

Case study: Putting Solibri Site to the test

With an increasing demand for BIM model utilisation on construction sites, Bonava Finland and Solibri began a joint project for piloting Solibri Site, a new on-site version of Solibri.
Root B.V.

Root B.V. uses construction software to share knowledge

Decision-making in the construction industry has often much relied on experience and interpretation, Root B.V. strives to find new ways – such as software – to share that experience collaboratively.

Digital twin knowledge of infrastructure crucial for projects

For contractors to safely and successfully roll out ultra-fast and reliable broadband, up to date intelligence of the UK’s roads and paths is crucial, says Gaist.
large construction projects, Flexible Office Building, Itten+Brechbühl AG,

The efficiency of finding issues early on large construction projects

Managing a host of different players is crucial for the quality outcome of large construction projects – Itten+Brechbühl AG works on the Flexible Office Building (FOB) project.
Best Digital Transformation,

Building Innovation Awards: Best Digital Transformation

PBC Today, official media partner of the Building Innovation Awards, continue our preview of this year's inaugural event with a look at the Best Digital Transformation category.
BIM, Solibri rules,

Case study: BIM for the UK ministry of justice

Bond Bryan Digital took part in the UK estate transformation for the Ministry of Justice to work collaboratively with two contractors.
Digital twin, Greater Anglia,

Digital twin technology to improve punctuality of Greater Anglia trains

Digital twin technology used to make trains run on time in Japan is being introduced in the UK for the first time to improve punctuality on the Greater Anglia network.
Best Digital Transformation,

Building Innovation Awards: Best Asset Management Innovation

PBC Today is counting down to the first-ever Building Innovation Awards, with a preview of each of the award categories, we kick things off with Best Asset Management Innovation.
asset and compliance management, The Compliance Workbook,

TCW revolutionises asset and compliance management

The Compliance Workbook (TCW) is revolutionising the asset and compliance management arena, enabling data to be used more effectively and exhaustively.
urban digital twin, city modelling,

Research: Urban digital twin developments to exceed 500 by 2025

Transformative urban digital twin and city modelling developments are expected to grow from a handful of early implementations to 500 by 2025.
BIM level 2,

Evaluating BIM level 2 three years on

Paul Newby, engineering services director at SES Engineering Services (SES) evaluates the successes and failures of the BIM Level 2 mandate and where the industry needs to go in the future.
ISO 19650 series, PAS 1192 series,

The legal section: UK Guidance Framework for ISO 19650

May Winfield, Simon Lewis and Andrew Croft explore aspects of the legal section of the UK Guidance Framework for ISO 19650.
flood data

Using flood data to get a clearer picture of environmental risk

Flooding is considered a complex and technical area of environmental risk; however, with the flood data we have available today at our fingertips, it doesn’t have to be

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