machine learning, downtime, weather and natcat

Artificial intelligence meets downtime factoring in construction

James Banasik, MetSwift’s CEO, explains how and why machine learning is revolutionising not just downtime management but how short- and long-term forecasting can fluidly integrate responsive weather prediction.
flood scenarios, flood map, climate change

National flood map provides future climate change flood scenarios

Great Britain's first national flood map has been launched to understand and plan for future risks.
As-BuiltTM Modeler, modelling workflow, point cloud data,

FARO’s As-BuiltTM Modeler: An agile modelling workflow

FARO’s As-BuiltTM Modeler enables the almost completely automated extraction of 3D modelled surfaces from point cloud data to optimise workflows – all without expensive new software.
weather and climate data,

Helping you design weather and climate resilient buildings

The benefits of taking account of weather and climate data at the design stage of a building project extend through the building lifecycle. It can reduce costs, time, energy and effort throughout the life of your asset.
BIM-ready 3D models, AccuCities

Landmark partnership to deliver detailed BIM-ready 3D models

Landmark Information has partnered with AccuCities to enable architects, planners and developers to access highly detailed BIM-ready 3D models of different UK locations
environmental services managers, environmental responsibility

Environmental services managers face mounting responsibility

More than a third (36%) of environmental services managers in local authorities, government or infrastructure agencies rank ‘mounting environmental responsibilities’ among the three main challenges they face.
laser scanning, BuildIT Construction software,

Digital construction verification: Team success for BAM & FARO

The BAM Construction team used FARO laser scanning hardware along with FARO’s BuildIT Construction software to demonstrate construction compliance.
BIM Workflow, dual strategy, BIM,

Structural Design in the BIM Workflow

BIM Workflow: Have you adopted a ‘dual strategy’ approach? What are the important factors when choosing the right structural design tool for the job?
value-based business models, ACE

ACE to deliver transformational impact across the built environment

The Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) has launched a plan to deliver transformational impact across 30% of the UKs GVA.
project delivery, bluebeam Revu,

Revu for reviews: Arup goes digital for project delivery

Bluebeam’s Revu has helped Arup improve collaboration and move towards a paperless future.
Solibri Site, BIM,

Case study: Putting Solibri Site to the test

With an increasing demand for BIM model utilisation on construction sites, Bonava Finland and Solibri began a joint project for piloting Solibri Site, a new on-site version of Solibri.
Root B.V.

Root B.V. uses construction software to share knowledge

Decision-making in the construction industry has often much relied on experience and interpretation, Root B.V. strives to find new ways – such as software – to share that experience collaboratively.

Digital twin knowledge of infrastructure crucial for projects

For contractors to safely and successfully roll out ultra-fast and reliable broadband, up to date intelligence of the UK’s roads and paths is crucial, says Gaist.
large construction projects, Flexible Office Building, Itten+Brechbühl AG,

The efficiency of finding issues early on large construction projects

Managing a host of different players is crucial for the quality outcome of large construction projects – Itten+Brechbühl AG works on the Flexible Office Building (FOB) project.

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