Countryside adopts artificial intelligence proximity cameras

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Countryside is the first UK developer to implement Safety Shield artificial intelligence collision avoidance technology across its sites

Working in collaboration with Safety Shield Global and Ardent Hire Solutions, all forklift telehandlers across Countryside construction sites and factories will be fitted with these cameras.

The cameras will be able to detect a human shape at a distance of 1m from the sides and 3m from the rear; the alarms shall indicate inside and outside the vehicle and offer visual indicators for the driver.

This type of camera has been used across various industries for similar applications before, but this is the first time that these artificial intelligence cameras have been used extensively on housebuilding sites in the UK.

This process has been trialled and tested in 2020, and further developed to meet the specific needs of Countryside – the first member of the Home Building Federation (HBF) to proceed with this vision.

Embracing new technology

Michelle Dearsley, group health and safety director, Countryside, said: “At Countryside we are proud to adopt this safety initiative. We feel this is a major and important step forward involving new technology, that will improve health and safety standards in the housebuilding sector.

“With the second-highest number of fatalities in the construction sector in 2020 due to collisions with moving vehicles, the introduction of the proximity cameras on forklifts on all Countryside sites is a key stepping stone in preventing future accidents and keeping both our workforce and the community safe.”

Jonathan Guest, CEO at Safety Shield Global, added: “We are proud to be working with Countryside to implement our AI collision avoidance technology to across their business.

“Countryside has embraced our technology and the safety benefits in a bid to eliminate incidents associated with people and plant interface on site.

“Safety Shield is the most advanced AI collision avoidance system available for mobile plant and machinery and Countryside will be the world’s first residential developer to adopt the technology which will improve overall behaviour and safety across their sites.

“Safety Shield is currently being used on major construction sites across the globe and it’s great to see Countryside using the technology in the development market and leading the way in the advancement of our life-saving technology.”


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