Are You Ready for BIM Level 2 Certification?

BIM Level 2 Certification

Building Information Modelling, or BIM, has already made a huge impact in the way we build. Not only does it ensure a better building quality, efficiency and sustainability, but the adoption of BIM brings firms additional benefits such as lower costs, better resource management and delivering projects on time. Couple your commitment to adopt this methodology with the attainment of company or personal BIM Level 2 Certification and you’ll gain recognition for meeting the highest UK construction standards

It is not a surprise then that the UK government mandates for all centrally procured public projects to be BIM Level 2 compliant and include all digital documentation and asset information. The NBS National BIM Report 2017, shows that 62% of the Construction Industry is already leveraging BIM workflows, but there is also a large percentage that have yet to adopt or are unsure how.

Does this mean that all SMEs and private projects do not need to implement BIM? Not at all, though not mandated in the private sector, the benefits of adopting BIM outweigh the costs and can give your firm a competitive edge over other suppliers and be the difference between winning a bid or not.

BRE BIM Level 2 Certification

Achieving 3rd party BIM certification from BRE Global (the certification arm of BRE Group) – an independent and universally recognised authority in the construction sector will demonstrate to your existing and future customers that your work continues to meet the national BIM Level 2 standards and that they can trust you to deliver an excellent build.

In addition to gaining recognition for meeting the highest UK construction standards, being certificated by BRE Global brings you:

• An impartial assessment of your internal processes and workflows, identifying where improvements may be achieved.

• Reassurance that your processes are being correctly implemented on project work.

• BIM Level 2 compliant project delivery together with the knowledge and experience this brings.

• Showcase of your competencies and providing peace of mind to your customers.

• Independent evidence of compliance with BIM Level 2 (PAS1192-2:2013) for all future PQQ’s.

• Considerable competitive advantage in your field.

How Do I get Ready for BIM Level 2 Certification?

BRE and GRAITEC joined forces so companies can benefit from a unified, all-inclusive service that supports them on their BIM journey from gap analysis with a pre-assessment service through to advisory, consultancy, software training and support, right through to BIM certification.

“This focused, joined-up approach will make it far more efficient for companies to prepare for BIM Level 2 Certification. It will also mean that Graitec clients can benefit from the BIM Level 2 process knowledge and training services provided by BRE, but also have the software, consultancy and support services that we cannot offer,” Paul Oakley, BIM Director at BRE.

GRAITEC Support for a Successful BIM Certification

Graitec are one of Europe’s largest independent CAD, CAE and BIM software authors with a wealth of experience in BIM implementation incl. standards, methods and procedure, Consultancy and Common Data environments that can support PAS1192:2 requirements.  Our partnership with BRE helps support companies with a smooth, end-to-end process for adopting BIM Level 2 Business Systems Certification.

For more information about BIM certification or certification readiness please visit our BRE BIM Certification page.

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