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After taking a year out, BIM Show Live is returning. It promises to come back with a BIM-bang and deliver far beyond our expectations in the world of digital construction, as outlined here by media partners, BIM Today

For those of you BIM Show Live die-hards, you’ll know that previously the show has been held in both London and Manchester, however for next year, all those involved felt it was time to bring the show home to its North Eastern roots, where the ideas for the show first began.

Newcastle city centre will play host to BIM Show Live 2017, on Wednesday 1 and Thursday 2 February.  Very much an event focused on technology, BIM Show Live once again promises to deliver on hard-hitting content that will challenge traditional building methods and favour the modern day, even radical, approaches to the built environment.

For next year, it will also take us through the processes by which assets are constructed with BIM, what works and equally what doesn’t work so that we learn from others’ mistakes.

2016 has been a ground-breaking year for BIM, and the show looks to the future on what comes next and indeed should we be following the BIM road set out before us; is this the right route for mastering BIM Level 3 delivery?

Four content streams


Some people like to hear about the process and the people behind the BIM. How did it work; how did it start; how did you get anyone to join in; what made the difference? This stream is all about the thinking that sits behind all good technology stories.

Next Generation

Some people watch the Nobel prizes and immediately think about how that might affect our industry. Others apply scripting to design tools, or cloud processing to optimise construction sequencing.  This stream is about those on the bleeding edge, and the challenges they face.


Some people spend Saturday mornings debating classification standards, or worse still, tweeting about it, so we all get involved.  So much of our industry today is built upon data, there is an ever-increasing spectrum of applications for it.  This stream has that at its core.


One thing we have learnt over the past five years is that stories make the most popular classes.  How all of this is put into action in the real world; how it all went right, and how it all went wrong; what did we learn, and what would we do differently next time.

Rob Charlton, Space Group CEO and one of the founding partners of BIM Show Live said:

“In the past few years we felt the event had become a little too commercial and moved away from its original purpose; an event for early adopters of BIM, driven by quality content. Therefore we’re going back to our roots and focusing on innovation and the insight into digital construction.

“The show plans to provide visitors with all they need to know about how to build better with BIM; we will be challenging tradition and introducing new thinking with innovative ways of working. A new generation of digital construction is emerging and at BIM Show Live we look at what and who are its drivers, and how this can be achieved by the masses rather than the few.”

BIM Show Live 2017 will be held at the Crown Plaza hotel in Newcastle, situated in the city’s newly developed Stephenson’s Quarter in February 2017.  Both delegate registration and call for papers are now open at


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