BIM4Landscape to run online Question & Answer session


BIM4Landscape outlines the details of an online Question & Answer session set to be held on 18 April

The newly formed BIM4Landscape group are hosting an online question and answers session as their inaugural event. This is a lunchtime event on Monday 18th April from 12-1 over people’s lunch breaks, so anyone can dive in to watch the panel discussion and ask a question.

Henry Fenby-Taylor says “I really wanted to see a resource made available to people that enables them to ask the pressing technical questions that they want to be answered. A live webinar seemed to us like the best way to do this, but only time will tell! This session is intended to demonstrate the values that BIM4Landscape represent. Easy on the pedantry, easy on the acronyms and be specific. Which is exactly what is needed right now.”

Claire Thirlwall adds “The group was formed as a response to the regular calls and emails I receive asking about BIM and landscape.  Rather than answer questions one by one the group will be a way to share the answers more widely.  I have questions about BIM that I’ve yet to find the answer to so there is also an element of self-interest in helping set up the group. ”

Current Questions:

  • “Have I missed the boat?”
  • “What is BIM level 2 and what does it mean to me as a Landscape Architect?”
  • “Isn’t BIM just another government initiative that won’t last?”
  • “Is Revit a good tool for Landscape BIM?”


Our host is Claire Thirlwall. (Director of Thirlwall Associates)

The BIM4Landscape Panel includes:

  • Henry Fenby-Taylor (BIM Implementation Manager at WYG)
  • Simon Bell (Associate Director at HLM Architects)
  • Lauren Schmidt (Blogger at Landarchbim)
  • Chris Smeaton (text only) (Landscape BIM Manager at KEO)

BIM4Landscape are part of the wider BIM4communities that are committed to supporting the implementation of the technical implementation of BIM within the sector, both in terms of level 2 and in terms of technical capability.

Questions can be posted during the event or in advance on Twitter using the hashtag #BIM4landscape or in our LinkedIn group

Watch the live stream at:

The event will also be available to watch online at the same location after Monday.


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