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Rachel Waite, Business Development Manager, Fenestra Pro introduces the new FenestraPro Premium for Revit innovative façade performance software

FenestraPro Premium for Revit is an intuitive and easy to use add-in that enables architects to design energy efficient building façades to comply with building regulations and required performance, without compromising the aesthetic of the façade. It integrates building design with performance and allows the architect to maintain control of the aesthetic of the building and improves the design process by eliminating costly late-stage redesign.

Version 3.0 released

Following the release of Version 2.1, which added significant user functionality, FenestraPro has now released Version 3.0 of their innovative façade performance software. FenestraPro Premium for Revit Version 3.0 now supports the use of the platform at any point in the design process, starting from the conceptual massing tools through to the detailed project environment.

Based on feedback from users, including global architecture firms such as Perkins & Will, Pei Cobb Freed and AS+GG, the ability of FenestraPro to function in the detailed model is a major step forward. As well as providing key design parameters early in the conceptual and detailed design, Version 3.0 now provides users with real-time performance indicators demonstrating the impact of design decisions throughout the design process. This reduces the need for design iteration, improving the design process and providing proven cost benefits.

Optimises façade performance

FenestraPro Premium is also highly intuitive and easily used within Revit to engage and understand the implications of design from the earliest point in the process, while optimising façade performance. As a modeless add-in, it is completely embedded within Revit, which means that users do not have to export from Revit into another package to understand the building’s performance.

FenestraPro Premium for Revit Version 3.0 considers and supports curtain wall systems, glazing and shading in even more detail than ever before by giving the user the ability to create and resize windows via user input, or driven through FenestraPro Premium’s calculations. It will read different shading devices and provide dynamic analysis on shading via the existing web service.

The add-in reads from the Revit Model and informs in real time on the buildings thermal performance, passive solar heat gains and design daylight factor. Version 3.0 also extends the ability to generate design decisions directly from FenestraPro to model as users either design solutions to address performance issues or look to optimise their design. FenestraPro is a unique Revit add-in, providing a generative design solution to the AEC sector.

FenestraPro continually strives to advance their software with the enhanced ability to design more sustainable buildings and reducing time spent redesigning to meet ever increasing performance requirements. By giving the architect aesthetic control while also improving the design process by eliminating costly late-stage redesign fees, FenestraPro Premium for Revit Version 3.0 can help you optimise façade design for better building performance.

“We constantly seek to integrate innovative and cutting-edge tools…As an add-in for Revit, FenestraPro Premium offers flexibility and quickness to test different forms, and provides detailed information about thermal, solar and daylight performance that helps us make informed decisions about building orientation, solar shading, and amount, distribution and type of glazing. Getting guidance on these decisions early in the design process offers the ability to have a greater positive impact on the design, and avoid cost implications of design changes later on.” 
Natalia Quintanilla, Sustainability Specialist and Architect

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architects


Rachel Waite

Business Development Manager

Fenestra Pro




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