Minister says Germany must embrace BIM


The German Transport and Digital Infrastructure Minister has said using BIM must become standard practice for construction projects in the nation…

Building information modelling (BIM) already has a strong foothold in the UK. On 4 April, a new mandate requiring all public sector tenders to use firms that are BIM Level 2 compliant came into force. Undoubtedly, BIM will continue to grow from strength to strength in the UK.

Other nations across the globe have also seen the promise and usefulness of BIM, embracing it as part of the construction process.

While Germany has perhaps remained a little behind the UK, it is clear the nation also remains committed to utilising BIM in the construction sector. Germany’s Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure Alexander Dobrindt has now called for his country to fully embrace BIM, stating it must become standard for construction projects.

Germany is a country renowned for innovating and its commitment to research development. Speaking during a panel discussion on BIM at construction trade fair Bauma 2016, Dobrindt said this did not guarantee today’s market leaders will still be ahead to tomorrow. He called upon the sector to embrace a new construction culture based on digitisation and interconnectedness between stakeholders.

The German government has worked to bring its construction sector into the digital world. In April 2013, the former federal ministry of transport, building and urban development launched a construction of major projects reform commission. Three phases were put forward: the first covers preparatory steps, such as setting standards and resolving legal issues; the second will see €10m funding used to launch BIM-based pilot projects; and phase three will see a mandate in place to ensure all public transport projects use BIM.

BIM can have significant cost implications, saving contractors money. For this reason a number of European governments have already been quick to implement BIM, including the UK and The Netherlands.


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