Danish innovation to improve local flood resilience

floodframe, accelar
© Martin Applegate

A Danish company has partnered with Accelar to investigate the market for its automated flood protection system, Floodframe, in the UK

Over five million people, many buildings and critical infrastructure assets are already at risk from flooding, and the chances of experiencing devastating and costly floods is increasing with climate change.

This year’s draft flood and coastal erosion strategy for England has revealed that new approaches and innovations are needed to help to improve community resilience, alongside appropriate support and incentives from Government and the insurance industry.

The FloodFrame flood protection system has been successfully installed at various properties across Denmark.

The system was developed in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute and Danish Hydraulic Institute. Through this new partnership, Accelar will assess the potential for Floodframe across different parts of the property and infrastructure sectors in the UK.

The work will also explore how the product could create supply chain opportunities in the fast-growing green economy.

Floodframe’s chief executive, Susanne Toftgård Nielsen, commented: “The development of FloodFrame was sparked by the devastating floods in the UK in 2013/14.

“Since launching onto the Danish market in 2018, we have worked with concerned individual homeowners, who wanted to protect their homes from yet another flood. We think that FloodFrame can be an effective solution for the many homeowners in similar situations in the UK.”

Accelar’s managing director, Chris Fry, added: “There is no doubt about the need for cost effective adaptation and resilience solutions as part of our response to a changing climate.

“We are delighted to be working with Floodframe to pinpoint how, where and when their innovative product could best fit in.”


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