[Video] Bentley Systems announce Digital Twin Design contest


Bentley Systems has announced its Digital Twin Design Challenge, a design contest for students to reimagine a real-world location with a structure designed with Minecraft

Through the Digital Twin Design Challenge, students will use the Minecraft video game to take a real-world location and design a new structure within it.

The top 20 finalists will receive USD 500 each and the winner will receive USD 5,000. The winner from the popular vote category will win a prize of USD 2,000.

The design contest is open to students aged between 12-25 years from secondary schools, high schools, community colleges/schools, polytechnics, technical institutes, and universities.

Designs must be in the form of superstructures

Students can design structures that address issues such as environmental sustainability, architectural aesthetics, population growth, or solve a specific engineering challenge. The designs can be in the form of any superstructure, such as a building, bridge, monument, park, train station, or airport.

Students will then export the structure as a 3D model and place it within the real-world location using the Bentley iTwin platform. They will also be required to submit a short essay describing the concept behind their design.

Students will demonstrate their creativity through Minecraft and explore Bentley’s iTwin

Katriona Lord-Levins, chief success officer, Bentley Systems, said: “This challenge is continuing Bentley Education’s mission of nurturing future professionals for careers in engineering, design, and architecture.

“We want students to show their creativity using Minecraft and explore the potential of Bentley’s iTwin technology to tackle a challenge facing the world’s infrastructure.

Encourage students to consider infrastructure engineering as a career

“And, along the way, we want to inspire and encourage students to learn about infrastructure engineering as a possible career and expose them to the opportunities that lie ahead, with infrastructure going digital.”

Students must register and submit their projects before March 31, 2022.


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