Clearbox – Driving Digital Construction


    Governments and Clients around the world have mandated the change to BIM dominated processes across the design, delivery, handover and operation of the built environment and the UK is no exception. The drive in the UK is more far reaching, to deliver BIM as a mix of visual 3D information and associated data which is able to deliver improved collaboration and essential information to support better decision making.

    While the outcome of data from BIM is highly desirable and quite achievable, the process of delivering the outcome and realising the real efficiency benefits can be complex and dominated by process and fragmented transactional technology. The consequence is that BIM can become an additional process sitting on top of existing processes with new information exchange formats that add another layer of complexity to project delivery while at the same time diluting some of the real benefits of digital data management.

    Here, Clearbox looks at elements of the process and provides insights into the issues and solutions that exist to make BIM the essential enabler in your operational improvement.


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