Digitising health and safety in the construction industry


In this ebook, 3D Repo aims to highlight the issues with the management of health and safety in construction and shines a light on how digital technologies can and already are paving the way for change

Over the past three decades, the construction industry has invested heavily in training and cultural change programmes aimed to eliminate the risk of injury and harm to people at work.

As a result of this investment, there have been significant reductions in death, injury and accident rates from the late 1980s.

However, over the last five years, those downward trends have faltered and the number of people dying and getting injured in the UK remains the same.

Therefore, the industry needs to step up and change; and technology might be the answer.

Digitising health and safety

Andrew Norrie, associate director for Atkins, Zane Ulhaq, and inspector for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Gordon Crick explore:

  • Where do we want to be? A focus on improving health and safety
  • Health and safety: Whose responsibility is it anyway?
  • How can digital technologies help to improve health and safety?
  • What are the barriers to improving health and safety?
  • How can data help us to improve health and safety?
  • Looking ahead – the future for health and safety

3D Repo


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