Debating the merits of a fabric first approach


Climate change has never been higher on the agenda and, with the housebuilding industry facing ambitious carbon neutral targets, can a fabric first approach be the key to improving energy efficiency in our homes?

This ebook from timber frame manufacturer Scotframe offers a detailed examination of the merits of fabric first.

Together with housebuilding industry body Homes for Scotland, Scotframe recently held an event in Scotland, attended by shadow secretary for climate change Maurice Golden MSP, as well as representatives of public and private sector housebuilders, to discuss how fabric first can help achieve ambitious environmental targets.

The event highlighted the innovative energy efficiency benefits of fabric first, which prioritises insulation and airtightness over renewable energy or heating systems, but it also looked at some of the barriers facing the adoption of fabric first principles. These include the approach to procurement for homes at scale, which still puts lowest price above longer-term energy efficiency and lower running costs.

Several measures to encourage the adoption of fabric first principles were put forward, including creating a link between a homes’ energy performance with land and building transaction tax, similar to the tax treatment of energy efficient and electric cars.

Legislation could also play a role in promoting a fabric first approach, while planning regulations could make it a requirement.

There is plenty more information on fabric first principles in the ebook – and Scotframe is planning a further event to discuss the benefits, barriers and implementation of the approach for new homes is planned later in the year.


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