How insulated metal-faced panels influence UK commercial construction


This new ebook from Hemsec looks at insulated metal-faced panels (IMPs) and explains how these often-overlooked materials can make a major difference to commercial construction in the UK

Insulated metal-faced panels (IMPs) are engineered steel-faced panels injected with composite PIR foam. A single panel replaces a number of the materials normally used in the walls and ceilings of a commercial building, offering a fast, cost-effective and energy efficiency construction option.

Hemsec, one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of insulated panels, has seen a marked increase in their use in the modular sector for both temporary and permanent structures.

In this digital publication, Hemsec highlights the reasons for using IMPs in commercial construction and where growth is expected in the UK.

Demand for IMPs

This includes a look at the current UK market, which has gone from seeing a gradual increase in the use of IMPs outside of their traditional market of cold stores to a marked jump in their usage coinciding with the Covid-19 pandemic as contractors mobilised to deliver emergency buildings in sectors such as healthcare, food and pharma.

Demand appears to be shifting again, with a view to post-Covid projects such as storage warehouses to support the huge growth in online ordering, extensions to factories, schools and healthcare facilities to enable greater social distancing and even home offices.

Companies who are new to using IMPs are being attracted by the significant reduction in build time, with structures delivered in days and weeks rather than months.

This is without sacrificing quality, while also meaning fewer civil engineering requirements, greater internal space and exceptional U-values and R-values for thermal insulation and performance.

IMPs are fire tested and rated to strict safety and building control requirements. In addition, they offer design flexibility through a wide range of internal and external finishes to suit different buildings.

Hemsec provides a wealth of further information on the design, use and technical specifications of IMPs, explaining how these often-overlooked materials can make a major difference to commercial construction in the UK.


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