Modular Advantage: Women in modular construction


Welcome to the May-June edition of Modular Advantage from the Modular Building Institute

In the cover story, Zena Ryder talks to 13 women from across the modular construction sector, who discuss their career paths, what they love about the industry, the challenges it currently faces and what the future holds.

They touch on everything from the image of the industry to the role of education in promoting modular construction to the next generation of young women and their experiences of working in a modular factory.

There is also a welcome from new MBI board chair Drew Welborn of Whitley Manufacturing, followed by a look back at the successful World of Modular 2020 show, which took place from 9-12 March in Orlando, FL.

In addition, Modular Building Institute marketing director John McMullen talks with Donna Laquidara-Carr about the Prefabrication & Modular Construction 2020 SmartMarket report from Dodge Data & Analytics.

Donna discusses the research that went into the report, how the data was obtained and analysed, and the impact she hopes the study will have on the industry.

Elsewhere, Jon Hannah, the Modular Building Institute’s government affairs director, provides an update on the MBI’s work to reach out to regulators, emergency management leaders and state, federal and provincial leaders during the Covid-19 pandemic to promote the industry as part of their crisis response.

There is also an update on the MBI’s progress in government affairs work across Canada and the US.


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