How Solibri is pioneering excellence in the industry


In this year’s Solibri Journal, founder and CEO Heikki Kulusjärvi discusses changes within the company and how Solibri is ensuring excellence

This year’s Solibri Journal is packed with features and case studies celebrating the successes of projects around the world with contributions from Parviainen Architects, an interview with Flemming Frost of Juul | Frost Architects, and Pauli Jantunen, General Manager at Gravicon to name only a small number.

It has been seventeen years since Solibri were developing a system for model-based quantity take-off and cost estimation. Since the accuracy of the estimation was based on the quality of the model, they needed to develop rules to discover inconsistencies, overlaps, etc. in those models.

Surprisingly, there wasn’t a solution available for this purpose, so they decided to design a tool themselves, and this was the start of Model Checking. Since then they have taken QA/QC to 70 countries and built the Solibri Model Checker to be the mark of quality for the AECO industry.

After several years of entrepreneurship, Solibri is now part of the Nemetschek Group which was an obvious choice. The Nemetschek mission statement proclaims: “We are open and declare our support of Open BIM, a standard that allows maximum flexibility and a seamless collaboration of all the parties involved in the construction process so that quality is enhanced in construction in compliance with time and cost schedules.” These words are a fantastic reflection of Solibri’s thinking. Together with Nemetschek, they plan to both shape and revolutionise how our industry works by putting Solibri Model Checker at the heart of the workflow.

Regarding product development, many people are interested in cloud-based solutions, and Solibri too has been increasingly taking this technology into use. At the same time, many customers are worried about security issues related to publishing data in the cloud. To answer those needs, Solibri will launch a cloud-based checking service alongside their current desktop solutions.

In this edition, you will be able to read about some of the latest thinking and projects from around the world.


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