Information Management – The time is now


You may be unsure about the benefits of project information management, be concerned about the cost of change and adoption, or believe your current spreadsheets and email approach will suffice for another year

But the time has come to take a fresh look at how better information management can help not only during project delivery, but across your company, helping to make business ‘digital by default’ and protect profits.

The time is now

Improving your information management with a Common Data Environment (CDE) such as BC Enterprise from GroupBC will enable you to:

  • Ensure project information is compliant with industry standards such as BIM Level 2, and accelerate project delivery with standardised file-naming and powerful content searching
  • Build a collaborative relationship with clients, delivering accurate data handover, raising your profile in a highly competitive market
  • Strengthen data security and comply with standards such as ISO 27001, ensuring you are mitigating against cyber threat


Powerful yet user friendly

GroupBC offers a powerful, yet user-friendly Common Data Environment scalable from a single project, through to enterprise-wide programmes of project work, and entire digital estates.
We support companies as they progress along their digital adoption journey and advise on the best route for you.



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