JCB Finance launches £60m fund for buy now pay later scheme


JCB Finance launches £60m fund to help customers’ cash flow, when acquiring plant and machinery, with a buy now and pay later scheme to cater for pause payments until March 2015.  Paul Jennings – Managing Director, JCB Finance said ‘The months of December and January are traditionally quiet months for many of our customers where income can be lower than usual but the bills still have to be paid.  Our new Pause Payment scheme for machines delivered by 31st December 2014 will help reduce our customers’ bills and improve their cash flow’.  He also pointed out that by selecting a Hire Purchase facility customers would still be eligible to take advantage of the Government’s £500,000 Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) scheme. For every £1 spent on eligible plant and machinery there is the potential to save £1 in taxable profits.  According to Paul ‘It is the equivalent of a 20%-45% discount depending on the business’ rate of tax. What better way to invest in plant and machinery with a great tax and cash flow advantage courtesy of the Government and JCB Finance’.

For some businesses with a December financial year end it could prove vital to reducing this year’s tax bill because the AIA allows for the whole of the eligible expenditure to be written off in the first year. It is vital that businesses review how their financial year end impacts the timing and proportion of any expenditure in order to maximise the tax benefits. For a more in depth article and informative chart which highlights the vital timing element of the AIA visit

JCB Finance Ltd is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and has a 44 year track record of working closely with its customers, helping them improve their cash flow by offering cost effective and tax efficient forms of funding for plant, machinery, cars and commercial vehicles. With a turnover of £815m JCB Finance is a major funder of the UK’s park of construction equipment, often funding up to a third of all UK construction plant financed in any one month by Finance Leasing Association members. JCB Finance is not a tax or financial advisor.

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