Geoquip gains approval for Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems


Heras UK discuss the approval of the Vision HS and Micralert HS Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems from Geoquip by CPNI CAPSS

Geoquip, provider of premier intrusion detection solutions (PIDS), owned by Heras, today announces that the UK Government’s Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) has extended its Cyber Assurance of Physical Security Systems (CAPSS) approval for two of Geoquip’s cyber security solutions – the only PIDS on the market to have received CAPSS approval.

CPNI Approval

The CPNI works to ensure that electronic components of physical security systems are robust against cyber attacks. To create the standard, CPNI identified the potential threats to the control room environment – such as malicious viruses or false alarms – and put in place requirements to mitigate against threats. Geoquip’s Geolog Vision HS and Micralert HS IP security solutions gained CPNI approval following a rigorous penetration test, which measured its strengths and vulnerabilities against a range of criteria from unauthorised access to encryption capabilities.

Geoquip solutions

The Geoquip solutions protect IP security systems from cyber attack at the perimeter, such as intrusion detection and access control, as well as against internal systems and networks, such as preventing computers from being hacked. Geolog Vision HS is a high security management system that includes full encryption, integration with other systems, alarm handling, site maps, and event handling. Micralert HS is an Analyser that allows relay contacts to be encrypted and transmitted to the Vision HS front end.

Paul Renham, Technical and Systems Director at Geoquip comments; “Geoquip is at forefront of IP technology and provides true integration of security systems, and we’re delighted that two of our leading products have been recognised by CPNI. This adds another important layer of assurance for our critical national infrastructure, MoD, banking, government and data centre customers. They demand the most reliable systems to keep their people and premises safe and operations running in a world where cyber attack is a very real risk.”

A flexible approach

Geoquip offers a flexible approach to security so it can meet the varying needs of its customers. Due to individual risk assessments, budgets or limitations some customers may decide to apply only some elements of the full solution to enhance site security. For example, rather than implementing the entire CAPSS solution, some customers may choose the standard system for their cyber protection with just Micralert HS, and not Vision HS.


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