Modular homes for the homeless could be ready by Christmas


Three Rivers District Council is building 17 modular homes to house 102 homeless people on Bury Lane in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire

The modular homes will offer temporary accommodation for up to 18 months to help tackle homelessness in the area. A two-bedroom apartment will house up to four adults and two children.

The first residents could move in by December, weather permitting.

Leader of the council, Sara Bedford, said: “We are committed to tackling homelessness on many fronts; we want our community to have more affordable homes, and provide more cost-effective temporary accommodation in our district for those who sadly find themselves without a roof over their heads.”

The council claim the units will alleviate current housing problems and save it up to £340,000 a year by 2018.


Dr Steven Halls, chief executive of Three Rivers District Council, added: “I would like to thank our residents for their cooperation and interest in the ongoing project.

“We are always looking at new, creative approaches to tackle the challenges head-on so we can continue to provide homes. We need to carry on coming up with innovative solutions with partners and overcome any barriers.”

However, before the plans were approved, they were criticised by councillors and residents alike.

Nina Hoskings said they would “not fit in” with Rickmansworth, while Conservative Councillor David Sansom called it a “money making scheme.”


  1. I was the designer of the units before quitting my job at the modular factory due to major fire risk concerns with the modular building. I hope everything was resolved.


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