BIM Today June 2019


Welcome to the June edition of BIM Today. In this issue, we take an in-depth look at digital twins, which are fast-emerging as the next evolutionary step in construction’s transformation journey

Digital twins are a virtual representation of a physical asset that harness near real-time data to improve decision making about building management and maintenance. This offers a number of key benefits, from lowering costs and bringing greater efficiency right through to boosting the productivity and wellbeing of occupants.

Experts including David Philp of i3 by Aecom, Richard Saxon and Ton De Vries of Bentley Systems explore the concepts and characteristics of digital twins in this edition of BIM Today.

Elsewhere, Dr Paul Cureton of ImaginationLancaster discusses where the UK stands internationally in the adoption of digital twins, while Richard Shennan of Mott McDonald makes the case for the benefits they offer the AEC sector.

We also take a look at the Centre for Digital Built Britain-backed West Cambridge digital twin pilot project, which is creating a dynamic digital twin for the Institute for Manufacturing as part of the UK’s journey towards a National Digital Twin.

There’s all this and much more besides to get your teeth into. Here’s a selection of what’s on offer in the June 2019 BIM Today.

  1. Exploring the “digital twin” construct

David Philp of i3 by Aecom examines the characteristics of a twin and where they fit in the wider context of Industry 4.0, smart cities and intelligent infrastructure.

  1. Breaking down the silos

Architecture and construction expert Richard Saxon CBE explores the silos confining the construction industry and delves into the ‘twin’ concept.

  1. Q&A: Digital twins

Ton de Vries, senior director of business development at Bentley Systems, sits down with BIM Today to discuss the twin concept and how it could impact not only the construction of individual buildings but also how entire cities are planned and run.

  1. Digital twin ambitions: How to catch up with the future

Dr Paul Cureton of ImaginationLancaster at Lancaster University and Elliot Hartley, managing director of Garsdale Design, examine the UK’s digital twin ambitions.

  1. West Cambridge: Developing a digital twin demonstrator

The Institute for Manufacturing’s West Cambridge project is highlighting how digital twins can harness data from multiple sources to inform better building management, while improving productivity and wellbeing.

  1. BIM in the UK: Digital is coming!

John Eynon on how Game of Thrones is like digital transformation in the built environment, change is inevitable – and why some in the UK construction industry need shaking by the lapels.

  1. Making geospatial data more accessible

A new Data Exploration Licence has been launched by the UK’s Geospatial Commission to simplify access to and use of geospatial data.

  1. Construction connectivity: Getting back to basics

Technology such as drones, robotics and 3D printing offer huge potential for construction but the sites of the future cannot become a reality until the industry conquers the basics of construction connectivity, argues Nick Sacke, head of IoT and products at Comms365.

  1. The office is dead. Long live the office.

Nicola Gillen of AECOM explores how emerging technology and changing needs will shape the next generation of workplace design.

  1. BIM takes off at Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport created BIM process standards for existing building projects, beating its savings target and opening the door for other organisations to benefit. Bentley’s Chintana Herrin takes a look.


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