BIM Today March 2019


Welcome to the March edition of BIM Today.

In this issue of BIM Today, we look at the role of BIM in the government’s push for a “golden thread” of information about building design and maintenance to improve safety in the wake of Grenfell.

There’s also Andrew Carpenter on BIM4Housing on banging the drum for BIM and a piece examining the development of the long-awaited ISO 19650, the first international standard for Building Information Modelling, from Paul Shillcock of Operam.

Elsewhere, Stefan Mordue goes back to the future with the BIM 2050 report and asks how far the industry has progressed towards its predictions.

We also have a new section highlighting how BIM and related technologies are delivering on site, with a look at mobile data capture in the Antarctic, the use of reality modelling software in South Africa and how BIM helped shape the new passenger terminal at Dublin Airport.

There’s much more besides, from the future of drones to a pan-European project to develop digital skills and a preview of the Building Innovation Awards ahead of their launch at Futurebuild.

Here’s a selection of what is on in this edition of BIM Today offer:

1. A digital path to safer buildings?

The government is set to consult on a “digital by default” standard for record-keeping relating to the design, construction and operation of buildings as part of its response to the post-Grenfell Hackitt Review.

2. The ISO 19650 series has finally arrived

The adoption of the ISO 19650 series will be widespread as asset owners and construction clients around the world seek to reduce risk, increase predictability and achieve better business outcomes from digital information. Paul Shillcock, co-author of PAS 1192-2, discusses the development of the new standards and the benefits they offer.

3. Banging the drum for BIM

Take-up of BIM in the housing sector has been relatively slow. Andrew Carpenter, chair of BIM4Housing, says that is starting to change in the wake of the Hackitt Review and the rise of offsite construction – but we need a continuing drive to raise awareness of its benefits.

4. Powering mobile data capture in Antarctica

Capturing project data on-the-go can bring real-time efficiency benefits to a project – but what do you do with the information when you’re in one of the most remote and hostile places on Earth?

5. Back to the future: Assessing the BIM 2050 report

In 2012, a group of 18 young construction professionals pondered the question, what will the construction industry look like in 2050? One of the authors, Stefan Mordue, takes a look at how far the sector has progressed towards their predictions.

6. Construction Blueprint: A sectoral alliance to develop a new European strategy for skills

Construction has a key role to play in tackling the economic, societal and environmental issues facing Europe, but there are concerns that a shortage of the right people with the right skills will hold it back. A major new alliance aims to address this by developing a sector-wide blueprint for nurturing the know-how to meet industry needs.

7. Drones: Taking off or underused?

Drones are an invaluable digital/reality capture tool for the construction and infrastructure markets – but Ian Tansey of ProDroneWorx says the latest industry survey suggests they are not being used to their full potential.

8. Drone futures in landscape

As drones take off in construction, Dr Paul Cureton of the ImaginationLancaster design lab at Lancaster University looks at the adoption of – and challenges facing – UAVs in the landscape sector.

9. Only human!

In all the talk of technology and digital transformation, we must never forget that it’s people who ultimately determine a project’s success – or otherwise, says John Eynon.

10. Building Innovation Awards to launch at Futurebuild

The Building Innovation Awards will celebrate the pioneering individuals, organisations and projects that are embracing emerging technologies and digital transformation to take UK construction to the next level.


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