BIM Today August 2017


Welcome to the BIM Today August 2017 edition which includes articles discussing a wide range of topics including the problems associated with using BIM as a term, why BIM adoption isn’t higher, and the differing BIM legal frameworks across the globe.

A selection are detailed below:

BIM – is it time to change the conversation to Digital Engineering?

Carl Collins, CIBSE Digital Engineering Consultant, argues that BIM as a term has served its purpose and we should now be using Digital Engineering

Digitising planning – developing trust and engagement

John Twitchen, PCSG’s Head of Cities and Communities calls for planners to digitise planning and notes the benefits for all parties involved in the process

Why did we bother with BIM before BIM?

The proper application of BIM can help to beat inefficiency traps by moving from 2D to 3D as outlined here by Lee Mullin, Construction Technical Specialist at Autodesk

Why we need more effective supply chain engagement for BIM

BIM advocate and consultant Tim Platts offers advice on a suitable procurement strategy and supply chain engagement plan for a successful BIM project

Collaboration at the construction and operations stages of a BIM project

In the third of a series of articles, Mike Shilton and Carl Collins address collaboration at the construction and operations stages of a BIM project

The CMS BIM e-guide: Consolidating legal frameworks 

Shona Frame and Chris Hallam, Partners at law firm CMS highlight the scope of the CMS BIM e-guide in summarising global legislation and guidelines

Diversity for BIM and how it establishes a collaborative culture

Elizabeth Kavanagh, of Stride Treglown Ltd explores the value of diversity for BIM and the role of collaboration as we move towards Digital Built Britain

Digital Built Britain – a technology-led future for the built environment

Digital Built Britain sets out the strategy for the future of construction industry, but how do we realise it? Here, Ben Malone, Director at BIM. Technologies argues for us all to take ownership

On the road to BIM Level 3 we must not overlook BIM Level 2

In the drive to adopt BIM Level 2, John Eynon, Joint Chair of BIM Regions UK and BIM Regions South East, argues that we should all be helping each other



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