NHBC – warranty and insurance provider for new homes


Raising Standards. Protecting Homeowners. NHBC provide warranty and insurance for new homes across the UK

NHBC is the leading warranty and insurance provider for new homes in the UK. NHBC’s ten-year Buildmark warranty covers c. 75-80 per cent of new homes built in the UK and currently protects around 1.5 million homes.

NHBC also provides a wide range of support services to the home-building industry including Training, Health & Safety and Energy consultancy.

We also actively support the house-building industry and wider sector in the drive to deliver innovative ways of addressing housing supply and quality.

In July 2020, we launched a new service dedicated to the rapidly growing area of Modern Methods of Construction. ‘NHBC Accepts’ is an all-inclusive, end-to-end service that will help to build confidence in innovative construction and enable MMC systems to be fast-tracked for NHBC warranty.

Overall, our core purpose is to give homeowners, housing associations, local authorities and build to rent operators confidence in the construction quality of new homes.

Our non-profit distributing business model is the key to achieving our purpose. It allows us to reinvest profits into activities that help house-builders to drive up quality and safety.

Those activities include the provision of data and insight that pinpoint improvement areas, training and technical reviews that help builders to remain in step with trends and standards, and recognition events.

Our annual Pride in the Job awards scheme is the industry’s most prestigious and is dedicated to recognising site managers who achieve the highest standards in house building.

In June this year we announced the 450 site managers – from a field of more than 11,000 – who were Quality Award winners of the 2020 Pride in the Job Awards. These first-round winners represent the top 4% of those who entered.

NHBC’s authority is also recognised by Government and industry experts. Our data supports bench-marking and decision-making, and our team members regularly participate in consultations and debates.