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OpenBuildings software helps AEC professionals design projects of all sizes and complexities while ensuring optimized and error-free project delivery

Built with critical business issues and requirements in mind, the OpenBuildings software portfolio helps AEC professionals design projects of all sizes and complexities while ensuring optimized and error-free project delivery. Architects and engineers across the globe are taking advantage of affordable pricing options and an all-inclusive package of software, support, and training to execute world-class projects that help them stand out from their competitors and surpass client expectations.

OpenBuildings Designer | Building Design and Energy Analysis Software

OpenBuildings Designer is a multi-discipline building design software that enables BIM workflows to provide information-rich models for the design, analysis, simulation, and documentation of buildings. It incorporates computational design and energy services for building performance evaluation. Immersing you in a 3D modeling environment, OpenBuildings Designer provides site content by referencing reality models. The application shares a catalog of design components across the project team, while built-in clash detection allows designers to coordinate building systems. The federated data approach to modeling and drawing management allows users to work on any size models simultaneously across distributed geographies.

  • Design Buildings and Facilities

Develop and design buildings or facilities of any size or complexity using comprehensive architectural tools that includes a space planning catalog for ticket kiosks, gate turnstiles, passenger information displays, etc.

  • Design Building Structures

Model steel, concrete, or timber structures from walls, foundations, columns, etc., and produce plans, framing layouts, sections, and elevations. Integrate with detailing applications including ProStructures, Bentley’s steel and concrete design software.

  • Design MEP Systems

Design complex mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems, including lighting, power, fire detection, fully parametric air-handling, piping, and plumbing systems.

  • Generate Building Documentation and Reports

Link specifications, engineering calculations, and equipment documentation to your intelligent building model, and produce high-quality, reliable, and up-to-date drawings that accurately represent your design.

  • Visualize Building Designs

Generate 3D images of models, animations with life-like detail, and high-end photo-realistic renderings, which can aid in the further refinement of potential designs.

  • Analyze Building System Performance

Inform early design decisions by simulating and evaluating real-world building system performances including conceptual energy analysis to explore peak loads, annual energy calculations, energy consumptions, carbon emissions, and fuel costs.

OpenBuildings Speedikon | Building Design and Documentation Software

OpenBuildings Speedikon is a powerful and integrated building design and documentation software for architectural design, building performance analysis and documentation that meets German standards.

  • Design Buildings and Industrial Facilities

Design buildings and facilities, such as factories, airports, offices, and hospitals, of all sizes and complexity in Germany. Combine your architectural design, structural drafting, and construction documentation.

  • Create Building Documentation and Reports

Customize robust, reliable documentation, drawings, and reports that meet German standards. Combine drawings, maps, and models to create a common data environment and integrate your design, 3D visualization, drawing production, and quantity take-off reporting.

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