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BricsCAD AX3000 MEP Suite

BricsCAD AX3000 MEP Suite admitted to CITF’s Pre-Approved BIM Software List

Bricsys, part of Hexagon, announces that BricsCAD AX3000 MEP Suite has been admitted to the Construction Innovation and Technology Fund’s (CITF) Pre-approved BIM Software List.
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Bricsys AI-driven workflow provides different approach to BIM

Bricsys has announced the launch of its latest BIM software, BricsCAD® BIM V22, which delivers new improvements to the unique AI-driven workflow, all in a familiar DWG platform.
BricsCAD Mechanical

Bricsys mechanical design solution delivers design-to-manufacture efficiencies

Bricsys has announced the launch of BricsCAD® Mechanical V22, a mechanical design solution with smart functionality, workflows, and approaches to optimise the design-to-manufacture process.
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Solving design problems faster with BricsCAD® V22

CAD software developer Bricsys has announced the immediate availability of new versions of its products: BricsCAD® Lite, BricsCAD® Pro, BricsCAD® Mechanical, and BricsCAD® BIM.
bricscad® digital summit

BricsCAD® Digital Summit returns for 2021

The BricsCAD® Digital Summit, taking place on 26 October, will host 3,000+ design professionals in the world of construction, manufacturing, engineering, and architecture.
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What do CAD software users say about BricsCAD®?

BricsCAD® is Computer Aided Design software for people who build things. It’s the best choice for drafters, designers, architects, and engineers.
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BricsCAD BIM incorporates Twinmotion to accelerate 3D design

CAD software specialists, Bricsys® incorporates Twinmotion software, to accelerate 3D design and visualisation workflows in BricsCAD BIM.
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BricsCAD® BIM V21 keeps ‘design first’

Now in its sixth major release, BricsCAD® BIM V21 offers a design-centric approach to the architect’s segment of the building design, construction, and lifecycle management workflow.
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A look at the lastest CAD software: BricsCAD® BIM V20

Now in its fifth release, BricsCAD® BIM V20 improves on Bricsys CAD-accurate, solids-based concept-to-documentation workflow.
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Adding information to a BIM is hard… Bricsys makes it easy

Consistent level of development in BIM is difficult to achieve. Bricsys has applied machine learning to BIM workflows to simplify and facilitate the creation of high-fidelity building models.
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Using AI to simplify Building Information Modelling

BricsCAD® BIM leverages machine learning algorithms (a.k.a. Artificial Intelligence – “AI”) to help you manage the consistency of your building information model’s overall level of development (LOD).
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Mies’ Need for Simplification vs. BricsCAD® BIM

Mies espoused the concept of “less is more” long before the days of Building Information Modelling. As a director of the Bauhaus School, Mies sought to establish an architectural style that could serve as a Modern alternative
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Bricsys – Supplier of essential CAD software for BIM

Bricsys develops innovative CAD software for 2D drafting, 3D modelling, BIM and mechanical design to provide mission-critical CAD tools to the industry.

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