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better connected construction projects

Data is your mortar for better connected construction projects

The industry is facing many uncontrollable challenges. Rising material prices, fuel costs and labour shortages are eroding traditional profit margins. But how can data be used for better connected construction projects?.
offsite manufacturing techniques

Powerproject underpins Willmott Dixon’s move to modern off-site manufacturing techniques

Willmott Dixon is pioneering offsite manufacturing techniques nationally after winning awards for its prefabricated construction of the University of Warwick’s Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Building.
4d planning

4D planning is extracting new value from BIM software

Elecosoft announces the latest market release of its 4D planning and project management software – Powerproject BIM.
Collaboration construction,

Collaboration is critical to the construction industry’s economic recovery

Elecosoft explains why better collaboration will be crucial to the ongoing recovery of the construction sector.
Construction collaboration

Building back better – together

Elecosoft launches collaboration cloud for improved project management.
project management software

Elecosoft launches Powerproject Collaboration Cloud

Great construction work should never be held up by poor project management. To help companies deliver more projects on schedule, within budget, stress-free, Elecosoft has launched Powerproject Collaboration Cloud.
construction pmi

Fire-safe cladding funds: A catalyst for change in construction

UK government fire-safe cladding funds should be the catalyst for change in construction, argue software specialists.
elecosoft uk bim alliance

Elecosoft becomes patron of the UK BIM Alliance

Elecosoft has become a gold patron of the UK BIM Alliance and the newest member of the UK BIM Alliance Technology Group.
Project management software

Powerproject: The planning force behind Mace Group’s success

To be the best in your field, your performance needs to be underpinned by market-leading technology. And UK Construction Manager of the Year, Frank Connolly of Mace Group, chooses project management software, Powerproject by Elecosoft to run his award-winning programmes.
scheduling software,

Driving future efficiencies with Powerproject

Lovell Partnerships uses scheduling software Powerproject by Elecosoft to construct a template for industry-leading success.

Building an award-winning approach to housebuilding

Technology helped housebuilder Durkan rapidly deliver a major housing development in east London, picking up Gold Medal at the 2020 UK Construction Manager of the Year Awards in the process.
Powerproject Vision, construction planning,

The value of Powerproject Vision: Proven in a pandemic

Powerproject Vision, a web-based portal for managing construction plans, has now been proven in use for well over a year. What a year it has been.

4D BIM visualises complex mining plant in Peru

Minsur uses 4D BIM to visualise and report on complex tailings reprocessing plant construction.
project management software,

Project management software boosts business visibility and control

The Carey Group has realised a number of benefits since adopting Elecosoft’s project management software, Powerproject Vision a year ago.
Digital construction, site progress Mobile

Digital construction technology goes mobile at Center Parcs

John Sisk & Sons deployed Site Progress Mobile from Elecosoft to deliver woodland cabins for Center Parcs.
furlough leave, Construction software,

Elecosoft supports planners on furlough leave

Elecosoft is offering introductory training and complementary software for the personal development of planners who are currently on furlough leave.
Maintenance management, educational buildings, CAFM, Elecosoft,

Elecosoft: Smarter maintenance planning for schools

Transform maintenance and management of educational buildings with CMMS and CAFM innovation, information and insight.
construction project, Construction planning software,

Planning (and re-planning) a changing construction project

Construction planning software, Powerproject helps power Sir Robert McAlpine’s award-winning construction project at Oxford Street.
planning software

Timber frame planning made easier for start-up BSR Design

When Ben Rendell, founder of BSR Design, set up his own timber frame planning software business, he looked forward to creating new designs after years in management.
Powerproject, Elecosoft, London

Elecosoft’s project management software assists construction project

Elecosoft’s Powerproject helped Sir Robert McAlpine on the construction project at the former Plaza Centre at 120 Oxford Street in London.
Elecosoft, public sector standards

The challenge of managing public sector standards at scale

The complexity of keeping standards consistent when you’re responsible for any public service is difficult but managing public sector standards at scale is an enormous challenge.
G-Cloud, public sector procurement,

How the G-Cloud enables change in public sector procurement

John Ketteley, executive chairman of Elecosoft, considers how the government’s digital marketplace is enabling vital change in public sector procurement beyond the build and into a sustainable future.

British construction tech firm, Elecosoft, celebrates 80th anniversary

Elecosoft, formerly the Electric Lighting and Engineering Company, is celebrating 80 years - evolving from origins in electric lighting design.
Construction software, construction technology,

Construction software: The right product, the right partner

Why finding the best construction software solutions depends on trusting the right construction technology partner.
G-Cloud 11, Elecosoft,

Elecosoft reaches supplier status on G-Cloud 11 framework

Elecosoft plc has announced its latest cloud-based software have been listed on the G-Cloud 11 framework.
V&A Museum, Wates Group, Powerproject, Elecosoft

Case study: Wates breathes new life into V&A Museum

Wates Group’s construction of a £28m underground gallery and main entrance to London’s V&A Museum presented enormous challenges – but also brought huge rewards.

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