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empty building site with left helmet on scaffold, construction workers shortage

AEC contractors suffer construction workers shortage

How does the architecture, engineering and construction industry make vocational work attractive again and avert what some call a “crisis level” construction workers shortage?
stock image of city skyline

Reality capture technology as part of the urban “new normal”

As the UK continues to move past Covid-19, planning for a “new normal” is ongoing and reality capture technology is playing a big part in the great urban rethink.
construction progress management

FARO HoloBuilder: Construction Progress Management Solution gains widespread adoption

FARO’s HoloBuilder Construction Progress Management Solution gains widespread adoption 1 year post acquisition, including GOLDBECK ‘Enterprise’ agreement.
software as a service

Software as a service (SaaS) takes centre stage

If there's any concept that underscores the transformative nature of the Information Age, it is the speed with which increasing amounts of digital data can be shared.
oracle industry lab 

Harnessing the power of data with FARO® at Oracle Industry Lab  

FARO® Technologies - a global leader in 4D digital reality solutions -  has announced that it has joined forces with Oracle to help architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals create opportunities to solve their toughest challenges at the new Oracle Industry Lab.
3D capture

Faro launches new end-to-end 3D capture platform

Faro, global leader in 4D digital reality solutions, has launched an ultra-efficient end-to-end 3D capture and collaboration platform.
3D laser scanners

Choosing when to use 360° photo capture and 3D laser scanners...

When you have both 360° photo capture and 3D laser scanners in your toolbox, you have two incredible resources at your disposal that can increase the efficiency of your project delivery, saving time, money and material waste, but how do you decide which to use on site?
3D laser

3D laser scanning for 2D applications

How the liquid storage petrochemical industry is wising up to its growing potential using 3D laser scanning. By Matthew Davies, account manager, FARO Technologies.
Software as a service, AEC professionals,

Serving up the benefits of software as a service for AEC...

Kyle Tarr, senior business development manager, AEC at FARO Technologies, explores how adopting software as a service (SaaS) leads AEC professionals to success.
The Ultimate Guide to 3D Technology in Concrete Construction Workflows

The ultimate guide to 3D technology in concrete construction workflows

This ebook from imaging, measurement and realisation technology specialist Faro offers the ultimate guide to using 3D technology in concrete construction workflows.
Reality capture technology

The growing reach of reality capture

As the UK looks to life after Covid, MEP professionals are turning to reality capture technology as part of the great urban planning rethink, says Jerry Hardy, director of marketing at FARO.
digital twin solution

FARO acquires HoloBuilder to expand digital twin suite

3D measurement technology provider, FARO Technologies has expanded its digital twin product suite with the acquisition of HoloBuilder.
digital twinning, Arecibo,

Could Arecibo’s collapse be the last of its kind?

Patrick Bohle, vice-president of solutions marketing at FARO Technologies, looks at how digital twin technology will transform fault diagnosis, predictive maintenance and product development.
Handheld Scanner for Construction

Faro launches Freestyle 2 handheld scanner for construction

Faro Technologies has released its latest 3D data capture device, Freestyle 2 Handheld Scanner for Construction.
construction software

FARO launches most advanced BuildIT 2021 software suite

3D measurement technology, FARO Technologies has released its most advanced BuildIT 2021 software suite, which simplifies workflows, improves performance and enhances ease of use Construction...
sustainability goal

FARO launches new global sustainability goals

3D imaging company, FARO Technologies has announced new global sustainability goals to reduce its carbon footprint by 25%.
reality capture

A mostly sunny outlook on cloud-based reality capture

While 2020 was no doubt a challenging year, there were some decidedly sunny breaks, says Jerry Hardy, integrated marketing director, architecture engineering and construction, FARO Technologies.
3d reality data, WebShare,

FARO launches WebShare software enterprise feature

FARO Technologies has announced the release of its new WebShare Software Enterprise feature, an extension of the widely used FARO WebShare platform.
3D laser scanning, Plant maintenance

3D laser scanning for the process plant industry

Marc Zschieschang, software product marketing manager at FARO Technologies, examines the growing use of 3D laser scanning to ensure safety and efficiency in the oil and gas sectors.
survey control, 3d laser scan,

The power of 3D laser scanning: Best practices for survey control

You know you can’t do a project well without survey control. But what’s less clear for AEC professionals is how and why to link it with 3D laser scan data.

FARO appoints two new senior leaders to its R&D teams

FARO Technologies has hired two industry veterans to join its senior leadership team and manage the global hardware and software R&D teams.
building layout technology,

Benefits of building layout technology

FARO explores how building layout technology can lead to cost and labour savings, while also creating competitive advantages.
bim level 2

FARO acquires Swedish 3D digital twin specialists

FARO Technologies has acquired Swedish-based Advanced Technical Solutions (ATS), which specialises in 3D digital twin solution technology.

3D laser scanning’s mobile moment has arrived: Is your business ready?

Mobile 3D laser scanning is emerging as a valuable tool to gather building information in greater detail while saving time and money - and improving worker safety.
Laser scanning,

3D laser scans reveal everything

Today’s laser scanning equipment can provide a complete digital image of any structure – top to bottom; slabs to columns; before, during and after construction.
WebShare Cloud, FARO,

FARO’s SCENE WebShare Cloud connects the ‘real’ world with datasets

In an interview with Jörg Braunes, product manager at FARO, we discuss the new features and how various groups of professionals can benefit.