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technology for smart cities

Collaboration, innovation and technology in smart cities are key

Federica Buricco, senior associate at CRTKL, explores the important role of collaboration, innovation and technology in smart cities of the future.
5G in buildings, technology, digital transformation

The rise of 5G in buildings

With 5G connections set to surge, Lone Hansen, manager of the IT Cable Group at BSRIA Worldwide Market Intelligence, looks at how to maximise the capabilities of the technology in buildings.
15-minute city

The 15-minute city and what it means for commercial property

Wybo Wijnbergen, Co-founder and CEO, infinitSpace, explores the increasingly popular concept of the 15-minute city and what this will mean for the commercial real estate (CRE) sector.
the hickman

The Hickman: Digital twin delivers the ‘world’s smartest building’

The Hickman in London has become the first building in the world to achieve a Platinum rating from SmartScore, the certification scheme for smart buildings.
VIVO Defence Services, infrastructure

Joint venture ‘VIVO’ awarded Defence Infrastructure contracts

VIVO Defence Services (VIVO), a collaboration between Serco and ENGIE, has been awarded contracts to provide asset and facilities management services for the UK Defence built estate by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO).
Smart buildings, smart BIM, technology

Unlocking the power of smart buildings

Smart technology is a familiar term, but what does “smart” really mean - and how can designers, builders and engineers harness the benefits for both new and existing buildings? Francesco Anselmo, associate director at Arup, takes a look.
BIM Today

BIM Today June 2021

Welcome to the June edition of BIM Today. In this issue, we look at everything from boosting digital skills in the construction workforce to the potential of digital twins in achieving net zero carbon, the future of drone technology in the UK and the role of 4D visualisation in improving health and safety.
Enterprise Wharf,

Birmingham’s first smart-enabled building is under construction

Enterprise Wharf will be a tech-enabled environment to support the evolution of the workplace and the changing needs of employees.
Women in BIM, Careers in BIM

Women in BIM: Building a powerful collaborative network

Almost a decade on from its creation, Women in BIM founder Rebecca De Cicco discusses the group’s global growth and its ongoing mission to provide support, networking and education for female professionals in the sector.
Globe Point, Temple district

BAM Construction starts work on Leeds Temple development

BAM Construction has started construction work on CEG’s flagship Globe Point development within the Temple district of Leeds
smart building,

[VIDEO] Bitesize BIM: Smart buildings, utilising data and energy monitoring

In this free online series hosted by The Building Society, Elliott Wood associate director, Steve Faulkner takes a look at smart buildings and how utilising data and energy monitoring can help drive the circular economy.
smart building, artificial intelligence,

Artificial Intelligence: A game-changer for smarter, safer buildings?

Over the past decade, we have grown used to hearing of smart buildings and smart devices without there necessarily being any agreed definition of what they mean – the BSRIA explores why
office building nine elms

Green light for office building on Nine Elms Park site

Quadrant has been given the go-ahead to deliver a 12-storey office building on the site of the Royal Mail’s former south London depot in Nine Elms.
Enterprise Wharf, Smart building

Construction underway on Birmingham’s first smart building

Construction work for Birmingham’s first smart-enabled building, Enterprise Wharf, is now underway at the Innovation Birmingham Campus.
4 Angel Square

Bowmer + Kirkland appoints SES on 4 Angel Square scheme

SES Engineering Services (SES) has been appointed by Bowmer + Kirkland to deliver building services design and installation contract on 4 Angel Square in Manchester.
Smart building

SES lands £25m MEP contract on London smart building

SES Engineering Services (SES) has been appointed to deliver £25m worth of MEP services on 33 Charterhouse Street, a flagship ‘smart building’ in central London.
BIM Today March 2021

BIM Today March 2021

Welcome to BIM Today March 2021, in which our expert contributors examine latest issues, innovations and challenges in the world of BIM, AI and digital construction.

What role do smart buildings play in the new normal?

As we reappraise how we use our buildings, a combination of traditional and smart building technologies will play a critical role in safeguarding people’s health and improving business sustainability, says George Adams, director of energy and engineering at SPIE UK.

Smart Construction Network: Business and university collaboration

The newly launched Smart Construction Network brings together academia and leading R&D centres to support the modernisation of the industry. Ian Heptonstall, director of the Supply Chain School, sets out the journey ahead.

CityFibre invests £80m into Brighton & Hove’s fibre future

Construction work for Brighton & Hove's full fibre network has officially commenced in the Bevendean area, with the rest of the city set to follow over the next 4 to 5 years.
Smart cities, 5g, technology,

How the arrival of 5G will impact on smart cities and...

5G technology will allow vast amounts of data to be transferred and analysed, offering significant opportunities for smart(er) cities and commercial real estate. Professor Richard Kingston, professor of urban planning at the University of Manchester, examines what is in store.
Smart city, Digital twins

Whatever happened to the smart city?

Mark Enzer, head of the National Digital Twin Programme at the Centre for Digital Built Britain and contributor to built environment event Futurebuild, explains how connecting digital twins can serve smarter cities.
smart cities, infrastructure, energy,

Why we must prioritise energy efficiency in smart cities

Chris Barlow, innovation director at Data Communications Company discusses the growth of 5G, Internet of Things (IoT) and how fibre infrastructure is helping build the networks of the future.
smart city,

The smart city: Why the silo mindset will limit its full...

Jens Strinsjö of Axis Communications analyses the barriers to smart city innovation and why cybersecurity and sustainability will be critical to demonstrate long-term value.
smart buildings

Smart buildings and wellbeing: Wearing your heart on your HVAC

How long before your building “knows” more about you than you do yourself? BSRIA’s Dr Michelle Agha-Hossein and Henry Lawson take a look.
digital technologies, asite

Covid-19 and the reinvention of the construction industry

Asite has launched a research report examining how the construction industry can adapt to survive, using digital technologies in the face of Covid-19.

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