In today’s working world, the perfect tool every tradesperson wants to have in their toolbox is one that lets them do more with less

Efficiency and automation are more vital than ever, and for tradespeople, builders, contractors and architects, that means cutting down on time spent quoting for work with estimating software, so they can spend more time winning work or on-site.

It’s great to get the opportunity to quote for a job and the satisfaction of winning work is second to none. However, when it comes down to actually doing the tedious, complex and time-consuming task of preparing a quote, we find ourselves procrastinating. There’s a lot on the line and getting a few details wrong could result in losing the business or underpricing, costing money in the long run. What’s more, you won’t win every job you quote for and the time and funds spent on marketing, site visits and pricing the job all add up.

This isn’t meant discourage you, you should still give every opportunity the best shot you can because if you don’t quote for the work, unfortunately, you won’t win the work.

Estimating software is a great tool to have in your toolbox and a good one can help you significantly cut down on quoting time. The ex-trade experts at Build Aviator have developed and continue to evolve a dynamic suite of estimating software that is designed to help you win more work, in as little time as possible.

Build Aviator Software


As the UK’s Leading Software provider, Build Aviator is continually developing estimating software to meet the needs of tradespeople and builders today. With this in mind, all of their software is now on cloud and can be run from mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop without needing a USB or disc. It’s possible to quote from anywhere – the comfort of your living room, on-site, at a client meeting, home office or even the beach.

The software modules are scalable, enabling you to quickly create professional estimates for large housing projects or comprehensive quotes for smaller jobs. Minimal input is required, just a few details such as dimensions, product types and tool options. Build Aviator’s software has helped its clients, builders, tradespeople and architects, seriously cut down on time spent quoting by up to 80%. Quoting for small jobs can take under 10 minutes while quoting for larger-scale jobs like a house build can take under 20 minutes.

To help quote more accurately for specific jobs and projects, the estimating software is sectioned into different packs:

  • Aviator Raptor – perfect for pricing a complete new build from start to finish.
  • Aviator Lite – very versatile and can quickly quote for renovations, alterations, repairs, refurb, conversions and other trade-specific tasks.
  • General Builders – combines the best of both Aviator Raptor and Aviator Lite into one dynamic estimating program.
  • Self-Builders – this pack contains 12 months access to our estimating software and comprehensive estimating service to help navigate the rough road to completing a self-build.
  • Giving quick, automated, detailed and professional quotes. This quote includes:
  • Builder summary, showing the costings of the project.
  • Project breakdown, going over each section of works.
  • Work schedule & Tool Hire, showing the duration of work and payment schedule.
  • Bill of Quantities, breakdown of all quantities and material and plant required.
  • Pricing sheets, detailing how the work has been priced including plant, material and labour required.

Stop ‘guesstimating’ start estimating

Without estimating software, estimating is a form of guesstimating. Most of the time, traders don’t have a choice, it’s simply not possible to manually work out every bit of sand or fixing that’s part of a build. For example, you may allow a couple hundred for fixings and a couple of lorries for sand. Leaving room to under quote or forget something. This could cost you anywhere from hundreds to thousands and no one likes walking away from a finished project out of pocket.

Here’s how Build Aviator’s estimating software helps you quote with greater accuracy:

  • Ordered the same way work takes place and detailed down to the last nail.
  • Intuitive and knows when to reduce wall material once you’ve entered window or door dimensions.
  • The price list is populated from a live price database and product library. Our estimating software inputs prices and products directly from Jewson’s product library.

Why Jewson?

With over 600 branches across the country, it’s easy to order materials and pick them up directly from one merchant. This enables tradespeople to easily order the materials through a Jewson account and get them delivered. It drastically cuts down on time spent searching for products and means only one invoice needs to be created. Jewson has also supplied building materials for over 150 years and has continued to support the industry throughout this time.

Build Aviator also works with a wider network of trusted merchants on different levels through its services like SAP Assessments, Estimating Services, RCDs and acoustic testing. These suppliers include Jewson, Gibbs and Dandy, JP Corry and more.

Don’t want to prepare the quote?

Want to cut down on admin time? Leave the estimating to the ex-trade experts at Build Aviator! Through their estimating service, they provide speedy, accurate and reliable estimate of materials, labour and plant tool hire. They take this service beyond figures and spreadsheets and take the time to fully understand your project.

If you’ve got a project coming up, big or small, get in touch with Build Aviator. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, they are ready to help you speed up, streamline and improve the way you quote for work. To find out more about Build Aviator visit or to speak to one of the team call 0333 332 1518.


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