Build Aviator asked a group of builders how they estimate, a staggering 47% stated they use their free time to calculate estimates and write quotes

Are you tired of spending too much time behind your desk? Cooped up in the office until the early hours? Fighting to finish your quote and deliver it to your client? Struggling to find any time for yourself? Or struggling to catch up with the work missed if you dare to take a holiday?

If only the workload could take the same time off as you did. These are the big problems which thousands of you are facing. Build Aviator asked a group of builders about how they estimate. A staggering 47% stated use their free time to calculate estimates and write quotes. A clear majority explained that they struggle to find time to spend quality time with their families and rarely get time for themselves.

With paperwork being the main thing many of us want to avoid in business, and with these issues becoming more and more common, you’d think there would an answer for this, wouldn’t you? And there is. That answer is Build Aviator and it’s here to help you get your spare time back.

Never heard of it? Well, Build Aviator is an estimating service in the UK which provides comprehensive, professional and job-winning quantity take-off reports. From self-builders to developers, from architects to builders; it provides reliable estimates of detailing materials, plant and tool hire and the labour required to complete the build.

The days of struggling to find time, of being chained to your desk until the early hours then rushing to get a quote to your client are over. By simply uploading your plans and selecting your turnaround time your project will be analysed and priced within a matter of days by an experienced ex-trade expert – it’s a service created by builders for builders.

Once the project has been analysed, the estimator will call you to discuss all the ins and outs of the project, any extra or specific details and your labour rates, mark-ups and margins. Once the estimator has finished working on the project, you will receive the reports digitally; a set for your business and a set to pass straight on to your client. Build Aviator encourages you to look over the documents to make sure everything is in working order and all the details are correct. If you need to make any changes, amendments are free and can be completed quickly!

How will it help me and my business?

Build Aviator aims to save you time and help you land your project. By taking the project estimation off your hands and calculating all items and prices down to the very last screw, we give you your time back.

With a number of turnarounds times offered to ensure that your deadlines are met, Build Aviator takes the stress out of your projects and allows you to get back to the things you love.


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