Gleeds introduces BIM & project management app


Property and construction consultancy Gleeds has launched a new online BIM and project management app called Frame

The new BIM application responds directly to the objectives of the Construction Sector Deal, announced last year, which set out to transform the overall productivity of the industry to the benefit of the wider economy.

Frame’s primary function is to support all members of a construction project team in delivering the benefits of BIM Level 2, including reduction of risk, better cost management and the more accurate projection of timelines.

With a focus on collaboration, Frame provides an easy to follow narrative around what BIM Level 2 is, what the processes are, and when they should be executed, as well as holding an extensive suite of templates and guidance based on Gleeds’ expertise.

Gleeds claims the app, which can be accessed via desktop or mobile, is a fundamental step-change in the way buildings are constructed and that it will help improve productivity through enhanced transparency and supply chain connectivity.


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