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Causeway-Ermeo acquisition to create most powerful digital platform for construction

Causeway is on a mission to create the most powerful digital platform for the construction industry with the acquisition of mobile development company, Ermeo.
Riverside development interior

How Bouygues UK is using Payapps digital payment processes for The...

In this article, Mobarak Ali, a graduate quantity surveyor from Bouygues UK, explores how The Riverside development in Canterbury is using digital payment processes for improved efficiency and time management.
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Gtek: Submitting applications for payment through Payapps

Submitting applications for payment to Bouygues UK, Gtek have embraced Payapps technology. This article explores how Gtek has shifted from a manual, paper-based process for submitting payment applications, to using Payapps for improved predictability of payments and cash flow.
payment management solution

Payapps onsite with Bouygues UK: Collaborative solutions for improved efficiency across...

Bouygues UK has a culture of knowledge sharing, adopting best practices, and embracing new ideas. In this article, we explain how the construction giant has adopted Payapps – an online payment management solution – to improve efficiency across the supply chain.
construction payments

The future of construction payments – a look ahead

Innovative solutions are helping to solve the often thorny issue of construction payments.
Managing construction variations

Managing construction variations

Variations and their valuations are a primary cause of delays and disputes and can transform a relatively straightforward project into one of unmanageable complexity. In this ebook, Payapps tells us everything we need to know about managing construction variations.
construction variations

Improving the management of construction variations

It is no secret that construction variations commonly cause delays and disputes in the industry, quickly transforming what might have been a relatively straightforward project into one with unmanageable complications. So how can variations be managed more efficiently and effectively?.
construction site diary app

New free construction site diary app supports seamless digital working

A free construction site diary app is making waves in the industry by offering digital working alternatives to outdated paper-based systems.
voice-operated risk assessment app

Gallagher introduces voice-operated risk assessment app

The first of its kind in the UK - a voice-operated risk assessment app called RiskTalk - has been introduced for construction businesses by Gallagher.
Pipe Plus app

BESA launches free Pipe Plus app to address product specification

The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) has announced the launch of its Pipe Plus app, which will address growing concerns about the way that products are selected for construction projects.
mental ill health

New app launched to tackle mental ill health in construction

A pioneering new app, called Ownminder, has been launched to help the construction industry address its stark mental illness situation.

Payapps: streamline payment and processes

Payapps – streamlining the management of applications for payment and the valuation process in the construction processes.
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B+K trials app for greener and safer construction sites

Bowmer + Kirkland has been trialling an app that will help make construction journeys greener, safer and more efficient.
End-to-end visibility

Delivering End-to-End visibility in construction

This ebook from The Access Group looks at the challenging conditions for construction over the past year, both in terms of dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic and in navigating a complex supply chain picture.
Tracking app, Mitie, RMT

Rail union demands withdrawal of Mitie ‘staff tracking app’

Rail Union RMT has demanded the withdrawal of an app that Mitie are attempting to force on staff that would track their movements, according to the union.

Speedy partners with Siemens to lower hire costs

Speedy's digital service allows the company’s employees to manage on-hire equipment individually, while enabling them to off-hire products.
Modular housebuilder,

Modular housebuilder creates app to build your own home

Modular housebuilder Built & Spaces has created its own app to turn a customer’s dream into a fully constructed home in just ten weeks.
Construction, Site diary

The importance of a site diary for everyday construction activities

A frustrating part of a subcontractor’s job is getting paid. It can be difficult to prove a piece of work has been done, so a site diary is a must.
construction app, GCU,

Construction app to ‘save lives’ on building projects

An innovative construction app has been developed by researchers at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) to reduce injuries and save lives on construction projects.
Digital diaries in construction, Site Diary app,

Paper diaries vs digital diaries in construction

Even though both paper diaries and digital diaries in construction both have their pros and cons, the pros outweigh the cons on digital. In the industry today, site workers see filling paper diaries as a real pain.
Powerproject XV

Powerproject XV to deliver confidence in project schedules

Elecosoft has released the highly anticipated Powerproject XV, designed for use by planners and project managers across the whole spectrum of the planning and construction management sector.
Dalux BIM, construction workers, Sir Robert McAlpine,

Sir Robert McAlpine introduces new mobile BIM tool

Sir Robert McAlpine is now implementing Dalux BIM to help construction workers understand and view architects and engineers intended design when on-site.
IFS Application 10

Caledonian Modular selects IFS Applications 10 for rapid growth

The comprehensive IFS solution is to empower staff at Caledonian Modular with robust support for project manufacturing and construction.
road defect detection, potholes,

Innovative project to commercialise road defect detection system

A new collaborative project between Road Intelligence Ltd, Construction Scotland Innovation Centre (CSIC) and the University of Edinburgh could lead to an app that predicts potholes before they happen.
site diary, Costain,

Case study: How Costain’s site engineers benefit from a digital site...

Having a detailed daily site diary is essential for any construction project in case there is a claim/dispute down the road. Paper diaries often take too much time to complete and are sometimes not accurate; a better option is using an app to record the day’s activities and observations on the go.
Construction manager game

Construction manager game to attract more apprentices into the industry

A new game which displays the benefits of a career in construction through games-based learning has been launched at the Skills Scotland show

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