This year IES launched the ICL (Intelligent Communities Lifecycle): new cutting-edge digital twin technology that connects distributed energy networks, renewables, master plans, building design, operation and retrofit

The ICL technology is a platform of interconnected decision support tools that facilitate the planning, design and operation of energy efficient and sustainable communities of any size and purpose, whether that be a company, campus, city or country.

IES has just announced dates for a number of in-depth webinars covering the capabilities and key features of each of the ICL tools. The webinars will be held at different times throughout each date to accommodate an international audience.

Read on to find out more about the ICL tools, and how to sign up for the free web demos.

Climate ready masterplanning for campuses, cities and communities

Consider a masterplan… There are 50-70 buildings, a mix of existing and new build, but you can’t get quick feedback on sustainability criteria. You need better collaboration within your team, you are unable to quickly create energy models of all the buildings and there is an overwhelming amount of data all held in different tools.


This is where Intelligent Community Design (iCD) comes in – using the latest digital twin technology, iCD makes it possible to undertake sustainable masterplanning right from the earliest project stages, even when data is sparse or non-existent. Providing analysis which is completely scalable from a simple campus, to a wider community or city.

Whether it’s a new or existing development the iCD model can analyse and monitor how the community may evolve over time. Users can track the impact of changes on key environmental metrics such as solar/PV potential, walkability from transport hubs, impact on resource consumption and building EUIs.

Sign up for an iCD webinar on the 25/26 June via the links below:

25 June 10am MDT

26 June 2:30pm AEST

26 June 10:30am BST

Network design & analysis for resource efficient campuses, communities & developments

The Intelligent Virtual Network (iVN) provides the ability to model, compare and optimise the integrated design and management across electricity, heating, cooling and waste heat networks. Users can identify potential for energy trading, reduce energy bills locally and reduce carbon emissions across their community.

Sign up for an iVN webinar on the 2/3 July via the links below:

2 July 11am BST

2 July 10am MDT

3 July 11am AEST

Cut through the clutter and confusion of building data

For those involved in the energy management of a building or group of buildings, understanding the data collected can be a minefield. There are many different sources, formats, time series, as well as different platforms & logins. This often leads to mismanagement of data, failure to detect issues and lack of clarity across data.

iSCAN’s (intelligent Control and Analysis) power is its ability to centralise a range of time-series data from different BMS systems, utility meters, sensors and portable data loggers in one platform. Users can organise and analyse this data to gain hidden insights to improve their building or portfolio operation. As well as, create bespoke cross-platform alerts, and connect to a 3D virtual twin for real-time optimisation and ‘what if’ testing of improvement options.

Sign up for an iSCAN webinar on the 9/10 July via the links below:

9 July 12pm BST

9 July 12pm MDT

10 July 11am AEST

To find out more about IES’s ICL tools, visit


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