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Safety-critical frost protection is a speciality for Kilfrost, serving the heating, cooling, ventilation and transport sectors for decades

Kilfrost is a third-generation owned and managed family company, recognised as the global leader in safety-critical frost protection chemistry and rheology. It maintains a proud focus on pioneering the next generation of products to raise industry standards, and to meet the growing needs of its commercial clients and the wider community.

As the original pioneer of safety-critical de-icing and anti-icing products, Kilfrost has developed a well-deserved reputation for excellence, matched only by its absolute commitment to the research and development of truly innovative, market-leading solutions.

The Kilfrost team provides exceptional products and unparalleled expertise, and is proud to serve the heating, cooling, and ventilation sectors through its dedicated speciality fluids division, as well as the aviation, rail and ground sectors through its winter products division.

Kilfrost’s speciality fluids division was launched in 2012 to bring together the company’s world-leading expertise across safety-critical products, with its R&D team’s pioneering focus on engineering solutions for the challenges faced across industry and commerce.  Producing a range of inhibited glycol-based heat transfer fluids which are used across heating, cooling, and industrial applications, its products also offer protection to ground, air and water source heat pumps, green technology, and HVAC systems, as well as providing comprehensive antifreeze and corrosion protection.

The Kilfrost team will be attending this year’s Chillventa show in Nuremberg where they will be showcasing a comprehensive range of cooling products, all designed specifically for secondary refrigerant applications across both process or space cooling, and temperature regulation applications, as well as formally unveiling new additions to the range.


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