World’s first national standard for flood protection products launched

standard for flood protection products

The new national standard for flood protection products (BS851188) is now available to buyers all around the world

The standard for flood protection products brings in impact testing and checks the operating forces with a 5,000 open-close lock cycle testing.

The standard will also include testing to reflect FM2510, which explores products for failure with a new requirement for an inbuilt safety factor.

The industry standard in the UK of PAS1188 has been in existence since 2003, but not all companies met the standard, causing a decline in the confidence of flood products in general.

StormMeisters product

Excessive handle force required to achieve floodproofing proved to be a major problem, leading StormMeister to develop and patent Active Flood Seals™ that work by the pressure of floodwater rather than the force applied by the handle.

Consequently, the industry will now be required to develop products that comply with the new standard for flood protection products that tackle this issue. StormMeister’s products have always complied with the standard.

StormMeister director, William Snape, decided to include maximum limits for flood door handle-force, in appreciation of the fact that flood doors will only be called upon occasionally to act as flood-doors and are used primarily as everyday entrance doors.

The flood door is the first on the market to be wheelchair friendly, making flood protection accessible for everyone.

Efforts to build flood resilience in the most responsible way possible has meant StormMeister use only ethically sourced timber in the production of timber flood doors and floodgates.

The timber flood doors are of a laminated construction to provide high impact resistance in accordance with the new BS Standard.

StormMeister has worked to provide Active Flood Seals that lessen the force required to achieve floodproofing. Their aim is to provide easy to use flood products that operate within and above the standards set out by industry authorities.


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