Case Study: Selectaglaze’s secondary glazing upgrades 1950s property


A home in the South Downs Conservation Area has recently seen improvements to its noise and thermal insulation with Selectaglaze secondary glazing, making it much quieter

The last seven months have seen a meticulous refurbishment to many areas of the house; the façade, secondary glazing upgrades to the windows and the addition of a rear extension.


The property was built in 1650-1660 as two farm cottages. Then in 1907, the building was purchased by architect William Frederick Unsworth (1851-1912), who based his studio there as well as making it his home.

The building is quite imposing with a large sweeping catslide roof to the rear, hanging pin tiles to the front and square leaded iron casements, set in dark oak frames.

The owners set about researching options for window improvements, as they wished to preserve the characterful original primary glazing.

Whilst looking around and deliberating their plight of finding a solution for the windows, an associate was quite bemused by the fact that the owners had been told that secondary glazing can only be supplied in white; he suggested getting in touch with Selectaglaze.

The home

13 Series 10 – 2 and 3 pane horizontal sliders were specified and installed across the front elevation openings in 8014 matt sepia.

Noise ingress was reduced due to installation with a 100mm cavity and 6.8 laminated glass. Draughts have been radically reduced with the high-performance seals and close-fitting of the secondary glazing.

One window in the master bedroom posed a challenge with regards to the best way of treating it; a multi-pane angular projected bay window.

Usually, Selectaglaze would try and follow the original sightlines with the secondary glazing.

However after much discussion, it was felt that adding bay posts to fit the secondary, would detract too much from the original window, so a large Series 10 horizontal slider was faceted across the front framing the unusual window.

The process was faultless and the workmanship of the installers was incredible, given there are no flat surfaces and the window reveals were far from square.

We can now enjoy the views out of the windows peacefully and without draughts. It will be interesting to see the difference secondary glazing makes to the heating bills in the winter.


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