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In a time where Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and digital evolution is revolutionising the way we work, live and explore, it’s no surprise that the reach of these technologies is branching out into the construction sector via the process of Building Information Modelling or ‘BIM’.
BIM is the process of creating and managing information digitally across a construction projects life-cycle. It is the digital description of absolutely every aspect of the built asset. With every aspect detailed throughout the development, design, and construction phases it allows a collaborative information sharing platform which is constantly updated at key stages.
The definitive guide to all things BIM. Whether its news, software, updates, training and implementation. Hear from leading contributors such Anne Kemp, Mark Bew, David Philp.


BrIMming with opportunities

Professor David Philp, Head of BIM at Mace focusses attention on the challenges to achieving Level 2 BIM by 2016, but also the benefits it creates for construction delivery. The H.M. Government “pull” for Level 2 Building Information Modelling (BIM) on all centrally procured projects by 2016 has been a...

BIM will help raise efficiency

BSI, the business standards company has published PAS 1192-3 Specification for information management for the operational phase of assets using building information modelling (BIM) Developed with Construction Industry Council (CIC) and the Building Information Modelling (BIM) Task Group, PAS 1192-3 comes as a direct response to the government’s 2011 Construction...

NBS pioneering automated checking of Building Regulations

NBS, in partnership with model checking software pioneers Solibri and the UK’s largest built environment compliance consultancy Butler & Young, has completed a pilot project to demonstrate how currently available tools can be used to automate checking of Building Regulations Approved Documents compliance in a Building Information Model. The...
BIM Success

Delivery through BIM?

Sarah Davidson, Director – Head of R&D for Gleeds examines the varying facets involved in a successful BIM delivery and the challenges that remain. In 2011, the UK Government partnered with the construction industry setting up the BIM Task Group. Their goal is for all centrally-funded public procurement to be...

BIM and all it embodies

Daniel Doran, Senior Consultant at BRE examines the impact and new opportunities BIM offers. Building information modelling (BIM) opens up fantastic new opportunities for construction professionals to understand the environmental impact of the buildings they work on. Most will be aware that BIM energy modelling is an effective way to...

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