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It is thought that in the UK, buildings account for around 50% of the total energy consumed.
The energy consumed by a building throughout its life comprises:
  • Initial embodied energy. The energy consumed to create the building, including; extraction, processing and manufacture, transportation and assembly.
  • Recurring embodied energy. That is the energy consumed in refurbishing and maintaining the building during its life.
  • Operational energy. The energy consumed in heating, cooling, lighting and powering appliances in the building.
  • Demolition energy: The energy consumed in the disposal of the building.
With sustainable construction firmly on the agenda, we've got a range of articles surrounding Energy News, which put the built environments energy woes under the spotlight. Check out all of our Energy News features now!

A devolution of Building Regulations

Andy Thomas, Building Regulations Manager covering Wales, examines the changes to Part L and the differences between the English and Welsh versions. With the transfer of powers in 2012, the Welsh government now has full responsibility for Building Regulations. They have been working on the changes to regulations and guidance,...

The Road to Carbon Reduction

European Commissioner for Energy, Günther H. Oettinger details his proposals for the Energy Roadmap 2050 and how it will influence Europe’s energy strategy. Energy is one of the biggest challenges Europe is confronted with today. While being at the helm of the fight against climate change, our economic competitiveness fully...

Setting the course for low-carbon growth

Connie Hedegaard, EU Commissioner for Climate Action sets out the EU proposals for climate and energy policies up to 2030. When leading economist Jeffrey Sachs gives 3 cheers for the new EU climate and energy policy for 2030, there are reasons for us to be proud. Or when in Davos UN...

BIM: Connecting the content

Ian Chapman Director of The National BIM Library at NBS discusses the importance of organised and connected information for successful implementation of BIM. Through Building Information Modelling (BIM), the construction industry is undergoing a digital revolution. Tools are developing rapidly, processes are changing and this will all lead to increased...

Planning for low-carbon cities

Stoke-on-Trent City Council outlines their involvement in the European energy efficient city project, PLEEC. As part of the European Union’s 10-year growth strategy, Europe 2020 concentrates on 5 vital targets to create the conditions for smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth. Within the targets, the European Commission has set climate change and energy sustainability...

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