3D Repo promotes next-generation BIM by joining UK BIM Alliance

UK BIM Alliance

3D Repo is helping to promote the adoption of next-generation Building Information Modelling (BIM) best practice by joining the UK BIM Alliance

3D Repo will help transform the construction industry as it enters the digital era.  3D Repo will also be a key player in the Alliance’s Technology Group; which promotes discussion, agreement and adoption of interoperability and Open BIM standards in the UK and Ireland in conjunction with the Alliance’s Standards Group; which in turn helps to raise and support the Alliance’s drive to digitally transform the Built Environment

“We are delighted to welcome 3D Repo to the Alliance,” said Dr Anne Kemp, Chair of the UK BIM Alliance.

“As a well-known technology innovator, 3D Repo brings specialist knowledge combined with valuable practical understanding that while 3D BIM is a powerful catalyst for change, there are legacy issues that can potentially frustrate modernisation and digital transformation.”

The 3D Repo platform is unlike other collaboration tools as it uses a component-based database – meaning that information is live, useful and accessible throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Dr Jozef Dobos, CEO of 3D Repo, commented: “Building Information Modelling represents a major transformation in the way the construction industry works, and the benefits are immense. However, we need to work together to accelerate change that is crucial for the evolution of construction. The UK BIM Alliance plays a key role in communicating the benefits of technology to maximise its potential as the industry continues to adopt and adapt.”

The UK BIM Alliance was launched in October 2016 to unite the construction industry around the BIM agenda. In an industry of over 4 million people, where 95% work in SME’s, the UK BIM Alliance leads, facilitates and focuses on a broader proposition of a digital formation of the built environment.

The Technology Group which 3D Repo joins is a special interest group within the Alliance. The group aims to be the link between the Alliance and technology vendors in the UK, provide a forum for discussion, agreement and adoption of interoperability and Open BIM standards and act as specialist advisor and ‘part of the solution’.


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