ALLPLAN presents its new BIM Solution for architects and engineers

BIM solution

ALLPLAN, a European provider of solutions for Building Information Modeling (BIM), has announced the release of its BIM solution, ALLPLAN 2018, for architects, structural and civil engineers

Due to its direct connection to the cloud-based BIM platform Allplan Bimplus, Allplan 2018 becomes a complete BIM solution that provides the potential for the building industry to raise the BIM collaboration level. Optimisation in ease of use, together with several new functions, improves planning quality and ensures users remain competitive in an ever-changing market environment.

Richard Brotherton, Managing Director at ALLPLAN GmbH, said: “With Allplan 2018, we ensure architects and engineers have the innovations they need for the successful implementation of BIM projects of tomorrow.

“With the new Allplan 2018 version, we provide the potential for the construction industry to raise collaboration levels. Thus, with the rapid global adoption of BIM, we meet requirements and standards to serve our markets. Together with exciting new features and enhancements, Allplan enables architects and engineers to be more productive than ever before.”

Tobias Döring, Head of BIM Implementation from hammeskrause architects in Stuttgart, added: “With the development of the new Option Allplan Share for direct collaboration with planning partners on the same Allplan data, you have achieved a masterpiece. No competing product is able to work with each other in such an easy way.”

Allplan 2018 offers architects and engineers:


Simplified decision-making processes in BIM projects

  • Interdisciplinary teamwork achieves a new level as a result of the optimised IFC4 data export: IFC4 leads to a better data transfer in BIM projects and simplifies the decision processes with all parties involved in construction
  • With the Option Allplan Share and Allplan 2018, architects and engineers benefit from direct collaboration with planning partners around the world with one and the same Allplan data.

Efficient information management

  • With the combination of Allplan 2018 and Allplan Bimplus, users can handle the exchange of thousands of pieces of information in BIM projects. They can use Allplan Bimplus to centrally define information such as attributes and then use it in different systems and disciplines throughout the entire lifecycle of a building.
  • The new labelling function in Allplan 2018 ensures for a consistently correct labelling of sections and views in the shortest of time. Since the labelling is linked with the information in the BIM model, all changes are automatically updated in all of the sections and view linked with the model.

Optimised user-friendliness

  • With the new Actionbar, the user will quickly find the exact tools they need for their respective task. The menu bar is structured according to different roles and tasks so that function groups, such as for modelling or reinforcement, are available in a clearly arranged toolbox.


ALLPLAN Architecture 2018 and the free 30-day test version are available immediately to download.


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